The First Binoculars Born With A Different Skin Color Are Now 21 Years Old. Look What They Look Like!

When a woman learns that she is pregnant with twins or twins, many questions jostle almost immediately in her head. "Will they be the same sex? "Will they both be healthy?" What color will their eyes be? "Will they look alike? », Etc. Speaking of resemblance, a mother was far from suspecting that 21 years ago she would give birth to such special twins ...

first binoculars

Twenty-one years ago, Donna Douglas gave birth to two very healthy twins. Only, they were not alike. False twins so ... but they did not look like sisters at all.

The first binoculars

Born the same day a few minutes apart, the twins Lucy and Maria do not have the same skin color. "I was very scared when the midwife brought them to see them right after delivery. I did not understand how such a thing was possible, "Whitney told the British media more than twenty years ago ...

While one was born white with blue eyes, the other was born brown with brown eyes. A flagrant difference in color that may be explained by the fact that the parents were themselves a Métis couple. "I was born to a white mother and a Jamaican father," Whitney explained. And to add: "And my husband is white! Our children are all born mestizo, our little ones (the twins) are the only ones to be born with such a difference in color.

first binoculars

Biracial babies

Although rare, this phenomenon does affect babies, especially twins born to a union of Métis parents. In addition to being false binoculars (that is to say, being dizygotic children resulting from the fertilization of two spermatozoa in two different eggs), Lucy and Maria did not have the same skin tone, not the same traits. If one was red and had blue eyes, the other was dark and had black and curly hair.

But what was most troubling for everyone was that they gave the impression of being unrelated. "We did not look alike and it has not changed much since," the girls recently testified in an interview for English TV. And to add "to school, even if we study in the same class, the students and our teachers had a hard time believing we were sisters."

first binoculars

Stranger still, the girls, besides being born with a physical difference of the most obvious, have also developed completely different personalities.

Maria said she was much more extroverted than her sister. "I love meeting new people and making new friends. My sister has always grown up in her own bubble. She is very shy and reserved unlike me ... ". And to add: "my sister is I am different both physically and mentally. But we love each other and we are connected like no other twin sisters ... "

An amazing story that highlights the complexity of the human being and its mechanisms. A story that has also fascinated the world since it was made public, given the rarity of this phenomenon ...

Indeed, according to recent British studies conducted on this subject, there is actually only one chance in 500 for twin babies to be born biracial!
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