A Dad Turns His Baby Into A Real-Life 'Elf On A Shelf', The Photos Are Magical

Babbling babies, marveling children and reminding adults of their childlike souls, customs and traditions are maintained and passed on from generation to generation throughout the world. Sometimes modernized or copied and shared, they are still a real cultural heritage.

Indeed, customs and traditions are sometimes unique to each country and, while creating obligations, serve as a landmark for many of us. In conjunction with the holidays, they are also the occasion for role plays for children.

A Dad Turns His Baby Into A Real "Elf", The Photos Are Magical

Role plays during childhood
Through play, the child expresses his representations, his psychic feelings and when in a group, he multiplies the possibilities of projection and identification.

Projection, that is to say imitation, offers a real knowledge of feelings towards oneself and others, that a child is not able to express concretely. This projection is important for maintaining one's emotional balance. While identification, or assimilation, consists in unconsciously imitating the other, which the child considers as a model. He will transform himself into a lion, a mother, a dad or even a storyteller.

Moreover, through these role plays, the child generally agrees with what he has been denied or does not dare to do in reality, while imitating scenes of life he knows and / or the way his parents take care of him.

Thus, beyond strengthening the bond and understanding between parents and children, the game allows a spontaneous, liberating and compensatory activity. It is the place of expression of desires, conflicts, fears and needs, where the pleasure principle clashes with the reality principle, while being a place of learning that distances itself from reality. But that's not all, it's also an unforgettable moment of sharing, as shown by this role-playing game between a father and his child!

The little Christmas elf

In every period between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Americans traditionally place a little elf on the shelf. The latter, who makes a trip every day to talk with Santa Claus, ensures that children are wise. In addition, he listens and transmits all their messages.

From the "Elf on the Shelf", Carol V. Aebersold's tale, this Christmas tradition enchants young and old alike. Moreover, a father was inspired by this story and adapted it through photos where his baby plays the role of the elf.

A dad turns his baby into a real "elf"

Alan Lawrence, a father of six, decided to divert this Christmas tradition, making it more alive thanks to Rockwell, his youngest child, just a few months old.

A dad turns his baby into a real "elf"

This staging obviously amused the whole family as well as their relatives and Internet users because Alan played the game of the elf on the shelf, which consists of changing his place every day to prove that he returns from at Santa Claus.

A dad turns his baby into a real "elf"

Then he posted a picture of the little family elf every day on his blog.

A dad turns his baby into a real "elf"

Moreover, this fun little game also allowed this father to put forward another of his sons, with Down syndrome.

These clich├ęs, more adorable than each other, offer a moment of pleasure for the eyes as well as a message of love very touching! So, share this story if you too find it too cute!
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