A Mother Leaves Her Baby Of 11 Weeks With A Babysitter. A Few Hours Later, She Receives A Call That Chills Her Blood

When you leave your child with a babysitter or in a daycare, you have confidence and think that your baby will be safe and well cared for. If you are dealing with a daycare or babysitter at home, you expect that staff have already received adequate training on how to respond to an incident. This was unfortunately not the case of the babysitter who kept the little Shepard.

A Mother Leaves Her Baby Of 11 Weeks With A Babysitter. A Few Hours Later, She Receives A Call That Chills Her Blood

The sudden or unexpected deaths of infants

In 1990, the number of babies who succumbed to sudden death was estimated at 1500 each year.

However, since 2010, thanks to numerous prevention and awareness campaigns, this figure has dropped considerably. As a result, the official rate of sudden death among infants is around 0.30 per 1000 live births. That of unexpected deaths, however, is estimated at 0.42. This constitutes a number of annual deaths in France between 250 and 450.

Some tips to avoid such incidents
  • If you are pregnant, stay away from smoking as much as possible
  • Make sure your baby is lying on his back, do not make him sleep on his side.
  • Put at your disposal a comfortable bedding
  • Avoid sleeping in your bed
  • Constantly check the room temperature in his room
  • Never smoke near him

Two parents who thought they had left their child in good hands

Ali Dodd and her husband, Derek, chose to hire a home childcare provider to care for their 11-week-old boy, Shepard. Ali had to go back to work, despite herself, because as we all know, bills do not pay themselves. The Dodds still felt reassured by the highly recommended child care provider they had chosen.

Nevertheless, all hopes and confidence that both parents had in this service provider were wiped out by the time Ali received a panicked call from the child care worker saying, "Ali! Come quickly ! I do not know what happened ! I slept for a nap and when I came back to take a look at him, he was all blue! " Dodd's darling boy, Shepard, is actually dead.

Neglect that will have cost a life

Derek and Ali Dodd will never forget those first moments of anguish and sorrow when they realized he was no longer of this world. And as if losing their son was not enough, the bereaved parents had to accept the fact that the death of their son was entirely avoidable. Moreover, shortly after, it was officially declared that the official cause of the death of the little Shepard was positional asphyxia.

The baby was getting ready to sleep, so the babysitter swaddled him and put him in a car seat. The boy's head was sinking into his chest and since he did not have enough strength to lift his head, he ended up choking!

The babysitter in question was the subject of a complaint from the Department of Human Services for using unsafe sleep methods. "It was not an accident. She knew that a car seat was not safe for sleep and two hours was too long to leave a baby behind a closed door. Insisted Derek.

What makes this story all the more tragic is that the child care provider has not been charged with any crime. Chagrined parents have spent the last three years honoring their son's memory by working to prevent other similar tragedies. They then founded a nonprofit Facebook page called "Shepard's Watch," which aims to educate people about the dangers their babies face.

This story that breaks the heart is probably not the first of its kind. For it to be the last, share the maximum around you to prevent this kind of behavior from being repeated. Childcare is a heavy responsibility that must be entrusted to qualified and dedicated staff.
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