A Mother Dies After A Mysterious Sting Of A Parasite - Now Her Family Warns Others

We always tend to underestimate insect bites and especially ticks, which is a huge mistake. These parasites inject bacteria-bearing fluids into the skin and cause several diseases, sometimes fatal ones. Deaths have been linked to tick bites. In the United States, a virus has recently emerged and has caused the death of a few people. It seems that a tick bite was at the origin of this pathology called Bourbon virus.

A Mother Dies After A Mysterious Sting Of A Parasite - Now Her Family Warns Others

What is the Bourbon virus?

This virus is very dangerous. The first man to die was from Bourbon County in the United States, hence its name. The Bourbon virus has since been found in several parts of the United States. It is transmitted by ticks and belongs to the genus Thogotovirus, such as the Thogoto and Dhori viruses, which are known to cause infections in humans. This virus was unknown even though it existed before, however the death it caused put it in the forefront of research.

What are the symptoms of this virus?
Symptoms of Bourbon virus include high fever, headache, decreased appetite, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and rash on the abdomen , chest and back.

Unfortunately, this virus has caused more casualties in the United States. This is a 58-year-old woman named Tamela Wilson.

The tragic story of this woman

a mysterious sting of a parasite

By one day in May 2017, while Tamela was at work, she found two ticks on her body. She just took them off without paying much attention. Shortly after, she began to feel discomfort as a general weakness with an inability to move the limbs of her body and the appearance of a high fever.

a mysterious sting of a parasite

After consultation and hospitalization of Tamela, no diagnosis could be established. His health deteriorated day by day. It died in the month of June. His condition was a medical mystery to the doctors. According to Steven Lawrence, an infectious disease physician at the University of Washington, staff who treated Tamela were not sufficiently informed about the virus to identify her symptoms.

Unfortunately, even after several investigations on this virus, there is no known vaccine or cure to eradicate it. Although the virus is transmitted by ticks and other insects, the fact remains that it must still be proven in practice.

Tamela's family has put their bodies in the care of science for research and experimentation to find new ways to fight the virus hoping to save more people in the future and warn as many people as possible about its gravity . Moreover, scientists do not know if the Bourbon virus can spread in animals, the question is under study.

a mysterious sting of a parasite

Measures to prevent tick bites
Since there is no vaccine against this virus, protecting against tick bites remains the best prevention. It would be advisable to:
  • Wear long, preferably light colored clothing to help spot ticks.
  • Use a synthetic repellent for all exposed body parts. It is also essential to thoroughly check the entire body and scalp for ticks and remove them.
  • Avoid using ether or other chemicals that could release the bacteria. Use a thin forceps or nails to remove the tick.
  • It is important to know that the maximum risk is in April during peak activity ticks, according to the institute of health surveillance (in VS).
  • By using these means of prevention, one could thus avoid any contamination. Prevention is better than cure.
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