A Man Goes Out With 3 Women And Wants To Decide With Whom To Marry

The criteria are, in fact, the expectations each person has of their future spouse. But although sometimes put aside, these criteria are very important, even fundamental, as much for the man as for the woman when we want to define the image of the married life we want to have. Knowing that it is not enough to have expectations, they must be relevant and take into account the construction of a happy, healthy and sustainable relationship.

A Man Goes Out With 3 Women And Wants To Decide With Whom To Marry

What do men look for most often in a woman?

1 - An attractive physique: the fact that the partner is sexy is essential for a man. It is even here that much of his desire for him rests. A neat appearance, elegance and good hygiene are usually enough to do the trick. So beware of the excesses that are, obviously, counterproductive.

2 - Self-confidence: It has been proven by some studies that lack of self-esteem is at the root of many cases of depression. In the eyes of a man, a confident and confident woman values herself and becomes more valuable. It is this self-love that makes a relationship more viable and stable. Even crises become milder and surmountable.

3 - Independence: this characteristic is for man synonymous with stability in a relationship. Autonomy also means that the relationship between the two partners is in no way based on any dependence. It is therefore something that often promotes sincerity in a relationship.

4 - Adaptability: As surprising as it may seem, men expect the woman in their life to be a multi-faceted partner. So she knows how to adapt to different situations, to be at the same time mother, sister, lover, confidante, partner and so on. This is also a quality very popular with men who want to choose the woman with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives.

5 - Sweetness: And what would a woman be without her sweetness? It is only this last to temper the panic, the anger or the sadness of a man. It is also very often associated with femininity, but that can not mean that men should not show it. The marks of affection change from one couple to another, so it is up to both partners to make tenderness the place it deserves.

The story of the man who had to choose between three different women

A man came out with three women and got to the point where he had to choose one of them to marry him. He decides to submit them to a test. He gives each woman a gift of 5000 euros and is waiting to see what each of them would do with this money.

The first was entirely fun. She went to a beauty salon, combed her hair, bought makeup and new clothes to make the most beautiful possible for him. She tells him that she did it to be more attractive to her because she loves him so much. The man is impressed.

The second goes shopping to buy her presents. She offers her the latest round of golf clubs, new computer gadgets and expensive clothes. When she presents her presents, she tells him that she has spent all the money for him because she loves him immensely. Once again, the man is impressed.

The third invests money in the stock market. She managed to multiply the 5000 euros and reinvests the rest in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to secure their future because she loves him immensely. Obviously, the man was impressed.

He therefore thought a lot about what each woman had done with her money. Guess which lady he chose as wife?

He married the most beautiful! It was enough to think like a man!

The purpose of this little story impressed with a certain degree is not to say that men only see physical beauty as a quality that is worthwhile for a woman. But rather than beauty, unlike women who may be undemanding at this level, is a fundamental criterion that is always present among the priorities on Mr.'s "wish list".
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