You Are A Genius If You Can Spot The Mother In This Family Photo

From birth to adulthood, our body undergoes many changes. Several causes explain it such as becoming a mother, hormones, weight gain, medical conditions, stress, fatigue or our lifestyle sometimes unhealthy.

Thus, we undergo the changes of our body and accept them little by little. But, there is a change that disturbs all of us and scares us by its unknown aspect, it is aging. Indeed, the impact of the time that passes us all and its devastation affects us all or almost. Indeed, some people are lucky and time does not seem to have a grip on them as is the case of this mother. Here is what it looks like!

A mother of a family like no other!

This family has been increasingly successful on the Internet for the simple reason that it is difficult to know who the mother is and that they are his two daughters.

Kienya Booker, 40, and her two daughters, K'Lienya and Kolieya, aged 18 and 16, look the same. That's why, when they published a recent family portrait, Internet users were impressed by the beauty of Kienya and especially by the fact that this famous beauty does not fade over time!

On the above portrait, we can see that time has not had an effect on this mother like no other. Moreover, it is a huge advantage to look younger because beyond aesthetics, it is a guarantee of longevity.

The advantage of looking younger

According to a study on life expectancy conducted by the University of Southern Denmark, people with a face that looks younger usually live longer than those who appear older than their age.

To come to this conclusion, the researchers involved 1826 Danish twins who transmitted photos of them. These photos of volunteers over the age of 70 were submitted to nurses and students to assess their age without knowing the age range of the subjects. They assessed the age of each of the twins on different days. Then, for seven years, the twins were followed and the researchers found that volunteers identified as younger lived longer. In addition, the study pointed out that when the age difference between twins differed, the one who died before the other was the one who was identified as older.

This phenomenon is explained by the DNA structure of each individual. Indeed, according to the researchers, the size of the telomeres, ie pieces of DNA found at the end of the chromosomes, would influence the lifespan because this size differs from an individual to the other.

Thus, people who look young and who are told all the time that they are not their age will be the ones whose life expectancy is the highest!
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