10 Types Of Women That You Should Never Marry According To The Experts!

While everyone agrees that no one is perfect, there are many things that would negatively affect a relationship, especially some traits. To be sure you have chosen the right person, it is important to pay attention. Moreover, gentlemen here, according to experts, a list of types of women never to marry (to avoid also in men)!

 Woman That You Should Never Marry

The bitter woman:
When a woman feels hatred towards men in general, it is because she always has the broken heart of a previous relationship. In fact, it is perfectly normal especially if her pain is deep, she will react in a completely subjective way and take her old experience as a reference. And it is the next man who will be the victim, since he will suffer from a permanent comparison. If you are planning to get married, avoid this type of women, since things will not evolve in the right direction with them.

The selfish woman:
Whether it's a man or a woman, no one wants to be with someone who is selfish and thinks only of himself. If you want to live happiness in the life of a couple, you must stay away from this type of women. Instead, choose a strong woman with a sense of altruism, sharing and the joy of living.

The materialistic woman:
It's good to express your feelings through the material but without exaggerating. A woman like this will always ask for too much and more, her obsession with material things will destroy the couple and prevent you from living a fulfilling relationship. She is not at all the best partner to marry, she can even ruin you!

The enticing woman:
Some women are seductive by nature, they can not help but tease any man who passes by. It's hard for these kinds of women to have a stable and serious relationship. It is better to avoid them when it comes to marriage!

The party woman:
There is nothing wrong with wanting to have fun from time to time, especially after a busy and tiring week. But, if this woman spends all her time to party whether it's on weekdays or weekends, and she never says no to all kinds of invitations, she's not the woman with whom you can start a family.

The capricious woman:
A woman who grew up having everything she wanted is probably not the best wife for you. Indeed, it is often difficult to satisfy a capricious person sometimes even impossible. Remember that a successful marriage depends on the commitment and dedication of both parties for the good of the couple.

The affectively dependent woman:
The woman in general needs attention but when it becomes an obsession, the relationship becomes more and more difficult. Especially that experts consider this character trait as a personality disorder. Instead, choose a wife who will balance her emotional needs with yours.

The woman with unhealthy curiosity:
Does she always seem to never take care of her own things? Is she still focused on someone else's problem or how someone else lives? If the woman you want to marry is always busy putting your nose into other people's lives, you are fighting a losing battle. Marriage needs people who focus on their own projects not on those of others.

The woman who is afraid of commitment:
A woman who has trouble committing to anything could not engage in marriage either. Indeed, if you want to engage in a long-term relationship, but your partner does not hear it in this way, you may embark on a relationship that will hurt you.

The disrespectful woman:
If she is somehow disrespectful and rude, then you have to think twice before deciding to marry this type of woman. Respect for the other is important especially since it is a value that parents are supposed to pass on to their children.

Remember that your success also depends on the person with whom you will share your life. A happy marriage will make you a person brimming with joy!
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