This Woman Has Met Her Husband Online, And Now She Hopes Her Horror Story Will Serve As A Lesson To Others

This woman met her husband online

Some people face serious difficulties in their life as a couple and despite societal developments in recent decades, there is still marital violence that mainly affects women. Among the causes of violence is the fact that some victims do not know enough about their partner before starting a relationship. Discover the story of this woman who was close to death because of a bad choice.

Dating is anything but predictable. Love at first sight can happen while you walk on the street or while surfing the internet. But did you know that dating on the web can be dangerous sometimes?

Domestic violence

157 people including 123 women died as a result of violence within the couple, according to the report unveiled by the Ministry of the Interior in 2016. This means that on average one woman died every three days under the blows of her spouse or ex-spouse.

Among the causes of these "relationship disasters", WHO has managed to list events that may be responsible for domestic violence, especially against women:
  • Questions about money or about girlfriends
  • Neglect of the woman for the care of the children or the home
  • Refusal of the woman during intercourse
  • Suspicion of infidelity against the woman
  • Alcohol consumption among men

Knowing and choosing your partner is also important if you want to avoid domestic violence. Discover the story of this lady who almost lost her life because of a bad choice.

She informs the whole planet of her misadventure

Suzanne Hill met David Jennison on a website in 2015 and immediately married him.

This woman met her husband online

After the wedding, David Jennison settled at Suzanne's, and she described him as "nice and attentive". But soon he revealed his dark side and their marriage became a hell. Hiding a history of domestic violence, David cracked a day after his wife insisted on watching her favorite show, "Britain Got Talent."

As he was returning home, he found his wife watching the TV show and immediately said that he was not watching this kind of TV program. When she replied, "What's wrong?", He got into a rage. When his wife went to sleep and while they were both in bed, their backs turned against each other, she tried to laugh at their positions. At that moment, he turned around and punched him in the face. When she tried to defend herself, he gave her a big whim and started strangling her.

This woman met her husband online

She managed to escape from his hands, but he quickly caught her at the door, cut her lip, and beat her to the point of leaving her unconscious.

This woman met her husband online

The only voice she heard was that of her son who had arrived home because David had told him that his wife had taken pills and a knife and that he had to tie her for her safety. The child believed his mother dead until he heard her whisper 30 minutes later "Please do not hit me anymore. He immediately transferred her to the emergency room.

This woman met her husband online

According to Suzanne Hill, David had everything to hide his game. She really did not suspect that it could be so dangerous. But not knowing her past, she was wrong about it. She filed a complaint against him and he was reported by the judges as a "dangerous offender" and obtained an extended sentence of imprisonment.

This woman met her husband online

After all that she's been through, this British mother is urging women to take advantage of Clare's law that allows them to learn about their partner's antecedents to find out if she has been the perpetrator of domestic violence and therefore of abuse in the past.

Even though each individual is different, most violent men often have some typical characteristics that can be detected. So, ladies, do not rush in love and take the time to observe your future partner in his daily attitudes and actions. It could save your life.
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