This Waitress Is Kind To A Homeless Person. But Once He Reveals His Identity, She Burst Into Tears

There are people among us who are unfortunately less fortunate than others, or who have simply gone through hard times that they have not spared them. These people called "homeless" or "homeless" are people like all of us. They had a job and a home, but for different reasons (loss of work, separation, divorce, etc.) they are marginalized in society. And the drama is that the latter does not help them to find a normal life.

The vision of society to homeless people

Patrick Declerck, a psychoanalyst, philosopher and anthropologist, has for a long time been interested in the issue of the homeless and their relationship to society. He also led the first listening consultation in France for this segment of society as part of the French mission of "M├ędecins du monde". He had also worked for ten years in a shelter in Nanterre.

In his book "Shipwrecked," he says, "... I want to show that our society is a society of oppression and management of the limits of the acceptable. It does not want to relieve the suffering of homeless people, but above all to stage a lesson in public morals. "

 Then he continues: "It programs and graduates their suffering. Emergency plans define, for example, the threshold of cold and tolerable suffering. However, in the homeless people the suffering is chronic, the life in the street is a perennial torture, the return to the street after a lodging, an unacceptable aggression. "

According to him, the suffering of the homeless has a social function, and that is why he says they are not excluded, far from it. He thinks that they do not escape the yoke of society. It is in this way that their suffering "serves as a lesson of public morality to the involuntary slaves that we are. We are told "look what will happen to you if you drift out of the realm of normality and its obligations. "

A waitress with a big heart

Maria is a woman who worked as a waitress at a restaurant in Texas. One day, a man with the appearance that he was a homeless person sits at one of the tables of the establishment. The waitress then approached him as she did for all her clients and said gently: "My name is Maria, if you need something, let me know and I'll make sure to do it. you. "

The homeless person noticed that none of the other restaurant employees were watching him and no one had thought of serving him. The director had warned his employees that if they were serving a person who could not pay his bill, it would be up to them to pay for it.

The unexpected happens

After the man has finished eating, he has paid before leaving. Except he had taken care of slipping a $ 100 tip the equivalent of 80 euros and a word under one of the empty plates. The note said, "Dear Maria, I respect you a lot and I can clearly see that you respect yourself ... It's obvious in the way you treat others. You have found the secret of happiness, your gestures full of kindness will guide you and all those who know you. "

The real identity of the mysterious homeless

 The homeless person was the owner of the disguised restaurant and went to his own establishment to check the quality of his staff and customer service. Maria had no idea who he really was, but she did not care at all. She did not make the slightest discriminatory gesture towards her. Her main concern, with all her clients, was to make sure they were taken care of. Her work ethic will not only have left her a generous tip, but the owner has also promoted her to become manager of her restaurant.

A reward greatly deserved by this woman who saw very well that a homeless person, above all, needed to reduce his suffering and that it expresses even a little love and compassion. His altruism will have changed his life forever.

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