This Mother Who Gives Birth Finds That The Doctor Is Weird. When She Sees Her Feet, She Collapses

We place a lot of trust in our doctors. We expect them to know what they do, act professionally and take care of our health. But as in any professional field, there are unfortunately irresponsible people who do not respect the rules of the trade and do not aim to be as effective as possible. And it is even more dangerous when it comes to the medical field.

Medical errors, a cause of death

On the basis of data provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the association for the defense of patients who have suffered medical accidents made a report dating from 2015 which states: "With 15 million hospitalizations in 2013 The number of deaths linked to medical errors could thus be around 50,000, making it the third leading cause of death in the country after cancer and cardiovascular disease. ". The report also stated that "pharmacovigilance studies to advance the range of 30,000 to 80,000 deaths attributable each year  to a medical accident". Not to mention deaths due to other medical or surgical causes.

The medical association also states ":" We have been asking for years for the publication of mortality data related to medical errors. We are just starting to make sure that serious adverse events related to care are reported. " The story of Alex Slim is the perfect illustration.

A mother who will be shocked shortly before giving birth

Alex Sims, a woman from Las Vegas, whose post-pregnancy work had begun. She was waiting to be taken care of by a doctor. Except that once the doctor came in, she knew that something was wrong.

Alex's doctor was on vacation, so he was told that the obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Frank Delee, was going to replace him to help him give birth. When he entered the delivery room, Alex's mother, Sheree, said that her breath smelled of alcohol. Shortly after, Dr. DeLee started telling how he had a great evening before arriving at the hospital.

Sheree explains: "He really smelled of alcohol, we could clearly see that he had just come back from the bar. She has also started filming the doctor with her mobile phone, and the images she has captured are really alarming. "There were not many people in the bar when I left. He told one of the nurses. They then started joking about her favorite choice of alcohol, tequila. It was then that Sheree noticed something that stopped her, under the doctor's gown, he was barefoot and was wearing Bermuda shorts!

A situation simply inadmissible

Alex said, "It was just shocking ... I could not understand why all this was happening around me while I was waiting to give birth to a baby. "

And as if all this was not serious enough, when Alex's son, Jared, was finally born, it was clear that there was something wrong with his arm. Doctors later determined that the brutal delivery of DeLee had caused the baby's arm to be paralyzed as a result of nerve damage.

The young mother then started a lawsuit against Dr. DeLee, as well as the nurses, who should have intervened when they realized that the doctor was not fit to work. She has since learned that this is not the first time DeLee has been charged with professional misconduct. In 2012, he was the cause of a neglected vaginal delivery event resulting in shoulder dystocia and was also the subject of half a dozen potential malfeasance reports involving insurance payments. totaling more than $ 2.7 million.

In fact, Alex is not only looking for justice for her and her baby, but also wants to make sure that DeLee can not endanger anyone else. She says, "Someone has to take responsibility for such situations. And I know that I did what was right, because if I do not speak for my child, who would? "

The story of this woman's birth should alert all medical professionals who should bear in mind that they bear the responsibility for human lives and that they should have a minimum of professional conscience in the exercise of their duties. their functions.
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