Alabama Grandfather Kills His Own Son Who Kept Hitting His 12 Year Old Granddaughter

Most people would do anything to protect their family members. If someone we love is in danger, we would not hesitate to protect him, no matter what. It is exactly with this same state of mind that a 64-year-old man reacted to protect his little girl. Unfortunately, the person he was trying to protect her was none other than the father the girl and so his own son.
Family murders, a reality that is always present.

Dr. Grivois, a psychiatrist in the forensic emergencies of the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris, wonders if this is an effect of a certain media focus or if it is a question of an aggravation of this phenomenon always present nowadays. The media are trying to shed light on this once-taboo subject in order to understand what could drive a person to end their lives, even though all efforts in this area are doomed to failure. apparently the mystery is destined to remain whole.

This grandfather kills his son because of his 12-year-old daughter

"The number of family murders is constant. Half of the crimes are committed on the entourage. There is an average of 25 parricides per year. "Says Michel Dubeck, expert-psychiatrist at the courts. But it seems that it is our way of conceiving the modern family life, in its structure quite dynamic and devoid of fixed statutes peculiar to each member, which makes that we are more more concerned by such dramas. The contemporary family model supposed to provide individualization and fulfillment to each member seems to have no effect on the frequency of this type of drama. Is this a sign of the failure of this social restructuring?

Wanting to protect his granddaughter, he commits the irreparable

Hubbard Junior Hall was arrested just after the police were contacted at his home after reports of a shootout. Hall was the shooter and the victim was none other than his 41-year-old son named Mark. The two men had a heated debate about Hall's granddaughter who is Mark's daughter.

This grandfather kills his son because of his 12-year-old daughter

The Hubbard family was coming back from a softball game when suddenly Mark receives a call about his 12-year-old daughter, who clearly annoyed him. As soon as he hung up the phone, he started hitting the phone. The child was already living with his grandparents at the time, but Mark refused to let her go back with them. Gradually, things got worse and the grandfather finally shot him with a 25-caliber rifle. By the time the man arrived at the hospital, he was already dead.

Questions that will remain unanswered

Hall has been arrested and is still in custody with a $ 50,000 bail. It is not known if Mark had a history of parental abuse, or if that is why his daughter was living with her grandparents. However, it seems that the father and the daughter were on good terms since he used to put publications and comments related to his daughter on Facebook.

This grandfather kills his son because of his 12-year-old daughter

This is undoubtedly a story that leaves us really perplexed. As you read these lines, you must be torn between compassion for the grandfather's protective instinct and being horrified by the fact that he took the life of his own son. Still, there are still questions we have not answered so far, especially regarding Mark's behavior towards his daughter and the real reason why this girl lived with her grandparents instead of to be in the parental home. Of course, we must always be prepared to protect ours, but how far can our actions retain their legitimacy?
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