This Firefighter Saves A 9 Month Old Baby, 17 Years Later He Receives An Unexpected Surprise

Firefighters are essential to public safety, they extinguish fires and save their fellow citizens from burning cars and buildings, as well as many other dangerous situations. They are often considered heroes because they can save a lot of lives and save a lot of damage. The hero we are going to talk about in this article had a surprising story with the baby he had saved 17 years ago.

This firefighter saves a 9 month old baby

The dangers faced by firefighters

Firefighters frequently endanger themselves, not only because of fire, but also because of exposure to many other hazards related to the nature of their work.

They must often enter burning buildings where floors, roofs and stairs can collapse at any time. If this happens, they can be seriously injured or fractured. They may also burn themselves. The burns can be of different gravity, even fatal burns, especially if they are caught in a building in flames.

In addition to all this, firefighters are at risk of cancer. According to a report in Science Daily, firefighters are at significantly increased risk of developing cancer, particularly testicular cancer, prostate cancer, multiple myeloma, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. This is due to their frequent exposure to carcinogenic chemicals.

This occupation, which presents a lot of risks and dangers, always arouses the recognition of people saved from fires, and the astonishing history of this firefighter is proof of this.

A baby saved from the flames

Mike Hughes was a captain of the Wenatchee Fire Department in Washington 17 years ago. He was part of a team that responded to an emergency involving a house fire.

The house was in a very bad state, and the interior was burning hot, when he and his teammate arrived. A radio call also indicated the likelihood of a person in the house.

Knowing that there may be victims, Hughes and his teammate stormed the flames. Hughes expected to find someone, and was astonished when he found a nine-month-old child lying in his cradle. This baby's name was Dawnielle Davison. He took her in his arms and took her to the front door and handed her over to the first firefighter who was there.

This firefighter saves a 9 month old baby

For Hughes, the fact that no one was injured during the fire and Dawnielle was doing very well, was a miracle, which was good news for him.

In fact, the event had so affected Hughes' spirit that he searched Dawnielle online for several years to find out what had happened to the baby he had saved from the flames. He eventually found Dawnielle, on Facebook, she was a high school student.

Hughes sent him a message that he had saved her from a fire when she was still a baby. So Dawnielle wanted to test it, and she replied, "Oh yes, and what was my mother doing at that time? "

As he remembered this event very well, he replied, "Well, she was at work and your father was there. Following this conversation, Hughes and Dawnielle saw each other over and over again, creating a strong bond between them.

A surprise invitation

Later, and to his surprise, the retired firefighter received an invitation to attend Dawnielle Davison's graduation ceremony. Hughes was very pleased to have received the invitation, he was very excited to attend the ceremony. It meant a lot to him.


Who would have thought that 17 years after rescuing a baby from a burning house, Mike Hughes would watch the same girl get on a stage to receive a high school diploma.

The courage of this brave firefighter is that of hundreds or even thousands of firefighters around the world. If you, too, liked his story, do not hesitate to share it with your friends!
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