This 8 Year Old Child Bride Died On Her Wedding Night With Her 40 Year Old Husband

This 8 Year Old Child Bride Died On Her Wedding Night With Her 40 Year Old Husband

Around the world, we discover different cultural riches that are transmitted during childhood and over generations. Some traditions are lost to give way to new ones while others remain anchored. Moreover, it is often the latter that are controversial because they are not always in agreement with the mores of the modern world.

Among these are polygamy, marrying a tree before her future husband, spitting on the bride's head and breast, but also early marriage.

Early marriages

Early marriage or child marriage is a marriage involving a child under 18 years of age. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in South Asia and West Africa.

Many causes explain these early marriages, including poverty, traditions, social pressures and discrimination. However, these types of marriage have consequences on the life of the child, be it girl or boy. Indeed, this increases in particular domestic violence, early pregnancy, the end of studies and therefore serious physical and psychological disorders leading to depression or even suicide.

According to the United Nations, early marriage is a violation of human rights. Indeed, several international laws are violated during this practice. Unfortunately, we can not gauge the extent of the problem and see the progress of the latter because we can not make real statistics in these countries. Some victims are hidden, without birth certificates which does not demonstrate the illegality of the marriage. In addition, a large proportion of these victims die as a result of their ill-treatment, as this story proves!

The shocking story of the death of this 8 year old

In Yemen, early marriage, although it raises a number of controversies, is commonplace. That's why, in a village in the northwest of the country, a child named Rawan, aged 8, was married to a man in his forties. However, early marriage quickly ended in an unnamed tragedy as the girl died on their wedding night just after having physical intimacy. She was bleeding and torn from the uterine lining and the doctors at the nearest clinic could not save her.

According to reports, no investigation has been initiated by the local authorities, either regarding the girl's family or the husband. In addition, villagers claim that this death is not an isolated case and that most parents resort to early marriage to avoid money problems related to the education of a child.

Indeed, a similar case has occurred, still in Yemen. Another 13-year-old girl died of genital injuries just days after her marriage to a man twice her age.

Unfortunately, this type of story is common throughout the world and girls who are forcibly married often end up dying as a result of rape and other violence by their husbands. They may also succumb to complications related to early pregnancy, such as a 12-year-old Chinese or a 15-year-old Turkish girl. That is why international prevention measures are put in place to stop these illegal marriages.
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