10 Things In Your Dreams That You Must Take Seriously

We have always been fascinated by dreams and their meaning for centuries. A study in Japan explored the human brain and concluded that we look at our dreams the same way we look at our real world. In order to analyze our dreams, we must study our daily activities. What do some symbols mean? How can we interpret the messages conveyed?

10 Things In Your Dreams That You Must Take Seriously

1. Stealing
Dreams of flying often indicate the need to reach a goal. Where are you going ? How are you going to get there ? Do you have trouble leading your life? This kind of dreams tends to give us energy when we wake up. He gives a sense of freedom and being able to accomplish many things in his life.

2. Waterfalls
When you dream of water, it usually conveys the emotional state of the mind. Water symbolizes purity. Dreaming of waterfalls is a great omen. This represents new beginnings.

If you see waterfalls in your dreams, ask yourself the following questions: Is the waterfall small or big? How do you perceive your obstacles? Is the waterfall in a dark space or a beautiful landscape?

3. Teeth
Tooth dreams are very common. Removing teeth symbolizes something that has to come out, while rotten teeth symbolize fear and anxiety. Dreaming of falling teeth is the most typical of all tooth dreams. It usually results in new situations that cause stress: a new job, fear of loss, lack of power in a relationship, or lies that are hidden.

If you see teeth in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: How do you feel about your teeth? We use our teeth to nourish the body. How do we feed our minds?

4. Death
Dreaming of death is more common than most people admit. As bizarre as it may seem, dreaming of death usually symbolizes the end of something. Death is the end of anxiety, anger, or the end of a situation. There is also the death of an idea allowing the birth of another.

If you see death in your dreams, ask yourself these questions: Where was the one who died? Was it a loved one? These dreams can also be tips from a loved one who has gone missing to comfort you.

5. Pregnancy
Dreaming of being pregnant symbolizes significant growth and development. It can be oriented towards future projects and desires.

If you dream about pregnancy in your dreams, ask yourself the following questions: what are you trying to create? What transformation do you encounter in your life?

6. Houses
House dreams symbolize the self and the different aspects of the personality. Depending on the type of house or the different rooms, the interpretation can be deepened. The houses are safety and comfort. An attic symbolizes hidden memories, while a basement can mean intuition and the unconscious.

If you see a house in your dreams, ask yourself: How do you take care of your body and your person? How do you perceive yourself in the world?

7. Money
Dreams of money can allow us to wake up with great gratitude. Winning the lottery symbolizes a change in lifestyle while dreaming of giving money is a fear of loss. Silver dreams relate to abundance and prosperity. Financial stability or losses are often stressing in our life.

If you see money in your dreams, ask yourself: have you lost your job? Are you in debt? What would you do if you win the lottery?

8. Adultery
To dream of adultery means libido desires and impulses repressed or that need to be expressed. These types of dreams also mean abandonment and fears, problems of self-esteem, and unconscious acceptance of a problematic relationship.

If adultery appears in your dreams, ask yourself: Are you afraid of losing a loved one? Are you unhappy in your own relationship?

9. Fire
Fire dreams can have many meanings depending on the context of the dream. Seeing fire from a distance symbolizes desire and transformation, while playing with fire can be a warning of risky activities. If you dream that you light a fire, it symbolizes repressed anger.

Ask yourself: Do you avoid risky situations?

10. Nudity
To see oneself in a naked dream is very common. This type of dream means our fear of being exposed. If the dream shows someone else naked, it means "the bare truth" of a situation or announces a wrongful affair. It can also mean the loss of respect.

If you are naked in a dream, ask yourself: are you afraid of being seen for who you are? Are you exposing yourself?
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