Their 15-year-old Daughter Is Stupidly Dead, They Alert All Parents Today

Carmen Johnson, a 15-year-old girl, died tragically after a drowning electrocution. His parents are trying to warn their entourage about the phenomenon of drowning by electrocution.

Last April, Carmen Johnson, a 15-year-old girl, drowned while swimming with her family in a lake near the family home in Alabama (southeastern United States). They decided to speak up and talk about the drowning phenomenon by electrocution after two other women, Shelly Darling, 34, and Elizabeth Whipple, 41 were found dead drowned in the same way as their daughter, there is only a few months of that ...

Their 15-year-old Daughter Is Stupidly Dead, They Alert All Parents Today

Drowning by electrocution
Electrocution drowning is a relatively new phenomenon with disastrous consequences, resulting from the growing number of electrically powered wharves. An electric shock can then occur when there is leakage and accumulation of electric current in a body of water.

This is what happened to the young Carmen Johnson last April. "We were bathing together in the lake near our house. We had our little habits there, "says Jimmy Johnson, Carmen's father. Before adding: "We have spent all our life swimming in this lake and we never thought that drowning by electrocution could ever happen to one of us ... until it happens to my darling daughter ... To tell the truth, we had never heard of this phenomenon before, "confessed Jimmy Johnson to the American press a few weeks after the death of her daughter.

Some safety instructions
Following this tragedy, Jimmy Johnson has long researched this phenomenon rarely reported and still little known, and was anxious to educate his entourage (including social networks) on the dangers of swimming in places with electricity. He warns :

When swimming near electrically powered floating structures such as marinas, boating clubs or docks, be on the lookout for signs and be sure to obey them, as they often indicate the presence of gasoline or electricity in the water.

Remember to ban swimming near marinas or electrified wharves. Put signs "BATH PROHIBITED, DANGER, risk of electrocution" to warn bathers that it is possible for electrical current to flow into the water.

Use a plastic ladder instead of a metal ladder to avoid transferring electric current into the water.

The electrical system should be serviced by a licensed electrician who is familiar with the codes and standards of electricity in the marine environment.

"If we had been made aware of all these dangers and the existence of such a risk for us and our daughter, we would never have experienced this," said Jimmy Johnson.

A cold story that reminds us how important it is to find out where you decide to have fun or swim, as it can be fatal.
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