The Doctors Removed A Worm From His Body, After Eating This Very Popular Food

The doctors removed a worm from his body, after eating this very popular food

Whether you are the type to pay attention to what you eat or, conversely, that you do not give too much importance to this, the idea that you can one day eat a food or a dish in which You would find parasites or worms that do not enchant you with masses ... and we understand you! The CNN channel warns of the dangers of a particular dish.

This is sushi! Yes, because to believe the experience of this young English by contracting a parasitic worm, it is indeed this famous Japanese dish that made him sick. But how is this possible?

Doctors Removed A Worm From His Body, After Eating This Very Popular Food

A world trip that went wrong ...

A young Englishman recently wanted to discover the beauty and exoticism of the Asian continent. While visiting several Asian countries, namely in Thailand, China, Japan or South Korea, he was brought to eat sushi every day, and for several months of his trip.

Shortly before he returned to England, he complained of horrible headaches and stomachs. "I lost a lot of weight before going home. I could not eat anything ... ", the young Englishman told the British press. Upon returning home to Cambridge, he immediately went to the hospital to get answers to his questions.

The doctor at the hospital that kind discovered something terrifying: his patient had a parasitic worm in his stomach! "A beautiful beast" had commented on the doctor, before adding: "this is the tapeworm! ".

The tapeworm

The tapeworm is a parasitic worm that develops in the small intestine. He can live up to 40 years in our stomach. 40 years through which it develops and grows, reaching in some cases several meters!

If this parasite is usually transmitted by ingestion of beef or pork, the tapeworm can also be found in the flesh of freshwater fish or in salmon. "The larvae are usually present in raw fish, undercooked or poorly frozen," says a specialist. And to add: "In reality, contrary to what one might believe, it is enough for a piece of fish to be contaminated so that the person is infected. It's not the excess of sushi that causes this kind of infection. "

While examining him, the doctor realized that the only way to help his patient was to remove the parasite from his belly by performing a surgical operation (since he could not rid otherwise, that is, orally or fecally). "No medicine or treatment was able to help the young man. So I had to remove the parasite by myself by operating it! "Explained the surgeon.

A similar case in the United States

A young American has recently been the victim of the same infection. With a worm about 2 meters in the stomach, his story had made the headlines of the American press. He had confessed that he was a big fan of Japanese cuisine, especially sushi ...

A breathtaking story that shows the obvious dangers of some badly or little cleaned or poorly preserved foods. Of course, if you have to pay close attention to what you consume on a daily basis, it is also important to remember, as mentioned above, that it is not necessarily the excessive consumption of a particular food or dish. which increases the chances of contracting a parasitic worm. Sometimes you just have to find the wrong piece ...
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