The Bride Shows Her True Face And Breaks His Heart

Falling in love with a person who already has children from a previous union is not common. Often, it is more than a couple who is emerging, it is a stepfamily. The success of this is a big challenge facing the whole family. The story of this father-in-law is a good example, because after 10 years of living together with his campaign and his daughter-in-law, on the wedding day he sees that he is only a financial resource for the entire family. family. His reaction was unpredictable!

A 2006 US study (US Census Bureau 2006) shows that the divorce rate rises from 60% to 65% for second marriages when at least one partner has one or more children. The success of a stepfamily is not always easy. Taken by surprise, the couple finds themselves in the process of inheriting an education and a rhythm of life that they have not been used to. Relational problems accumulate and sometimes block the happiness of the whole family. But sometimes, although the conditions are favorable for the success of the family, the failure comes from the inability of people to balance between true parents and in-laws.

Step-parent is not a parent

It is the story of a father who invested in the relationship with his daughter-in-law but who, in return, had an ungrateful behavior that proved to him that it is nothing but an ATM for the family. .

The couple lived together for 10 years, the woman had a daughter who was about to get married. It was obvious for the father-in-law to take care of the marriage expenses, as he had already taken care of his daughter-in-law's school fees. University fees that cost him nearly 33,000 euros but it did not bother war because he never considered his daughter-in-law as a beautiful girl. In reality, the real father has never been present in the life of his daughter.

During the wedding preparations, the father-in-law asked his campaign to reserve 20 invitations for his family. A few days before the wedding he meets a friend who appeared on the lise in the golf club, he confirms with him if he had received the invitation. The friend informs him that he received a share of the wedding and not an invitation, so he was not invited. The father-in-law had understood nothing, yet the wedding venue could accommodate up to 250 people, especially since he was the one paying for the wedding.

But it was not the only surprise of the day, the stepfather's friend also informs him that the share contained the name of the father of the bride and his mother not his.

In the evening, the stepfather tries to find explanations, but the discussion with his campaign quickly turned to the argument, she justified herself by saying that the place of reception was small and that she would make an effort by inviting two to three people from his list.

The next day, a dinner was organized in honor of the beautiful family. To his surprise, the father-in-law learned that the real father would be able to attend the wedding and lead the bride to her husband at the church. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at the announcement, but not the father-in-law who felt betrayed and upset.

A toast in honor of ingratitude

Humiliated and hurt, the father-in-law speaks and decides to make a toast of which here is the content:

"It has been a great pleasure to be part of this family for ten years, at this point in my life, I feel indebted to the bride and groom because they opened my eyes to something very important. have shown that my position in this family is no longer what I thought, although I considered myself the godfather of the family but it seems to me rather that I occupy the position of ATM, good for a flow of money but no more than that, as I was considered a guest, both on the invitations and in the ceremony, I resigned from my financial duties leaving room for my successor, the real dad, so I greet the couple happy and the way they chose. "

The father-in-law did not hesitate to share his story on social networks, several Internet users supported his reaction and even congratulated him for his courage. It was legitimate for everyone that the behavior of the mother and the bride was a lack of respect towards the stepfather.

The next day, the stepfather emptied the couple's joint account and called the providers to cancel all the preparations and request a refund.

The relationship with the mother has ended!
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