Students Make A Terrible Discovery On The Wifi. They Are Alerting The World Today

If the Internet and new technologies are an integral part of our lives today, so much so that we dare not even ask ourselves what we did without just a few years ago; these are far from good for our health ...

Yes, because in contact with these electronic materials (connected or not elsewhere), our body would suffer seriously. In any case, this was discovered by several students at a Danish university specializing in health sciences, education and the social sciences.

According to them, all the electronic devices that surround us on a daily basis, and from which it is difficult today to separate, are harmful and can have unsuspected repercussions on our health (physical and psychological) ... and this simply because of the waves that these emit!

A story of bad waves
According to these same Danish students, Wifi waves would be the worst of them all!

If the television, the microwave oven or even more recently smartphones or tablets have each been accused of causing significant damage to our brain for example, the Wifi has recently been the subject of the same accusations ... if this is worse.

It has indeed been revealed through this study conducted by these young people that WiFi emits waves with a frequency of about 2400 MHz, the same frequencies emitted by a microwave. Frequencies that have the peculiarity of shaking the molecules of water and therefore reach us directly since our body is composed of more than 70% of water ...

In addition, Wifi waves would be responsible for a lot of disturbances in the body. Recent research has indeed demonstrated the dangers of this wireless network on our health. This one would be among other things responsible for the disruption of our cerebral metabolism (by interfering in particular our glucose level in the blood), but also responsible for the disruption of our cellular metabolism. Wifi would also create in us electrosensitivity (by attacking our blood-brain barrier, namely, the physiological barrier present in our brain used to regulate the blood in our brain), and even break the chain of our DNA ...

Moreover, it was recently revealed through a study by a major German telecommunication company that too much exposure to Wi-Fi could cause cancer. According to her: "the damage caused by too much diffusion of powerful and high frequency electromagnetic fields could seriously increase the risk of developing cancers ...".

A shocking revelation that had the effect of encouraging students to carry out concrete experiments to understand (finally) what were the real repercussions of the waves on our body and our health, apart from the feelings of tiredness or irritability often felt ...

An amazing revelation that has had the effect of encouraging students to perform concrete experiments to understand (finally) what were the real impact of Wi-Fi on our body and our health.

An edifying experience!
For more than 12 days, students at the University of Southern Denmark have tried to substantiate their statements by exposing seeds of watercress (a plant species whose antioxidants prevent the appearance of certain cancers and have, among other things, effects beneficial to eye health) to Wifi waves.

"The idea of realizing this experience came to us as a result of the concentration problems that we have encountered on many occasions. At first, we thought that fatigue was for something. By constantly being disturbed in class, we started asking ourselves a lot of questions, but without finding convincing answers. Only by noticing that many of us suffered from insomnia while sleeping with their phones under the pillow that we understood that the waves Wifi were there perhaps for something ... ".

The students decide, in addition to exposing watercress seeds to the waves Wifi, to keep a part away from any radiation. Students also watered the plants with the same amount of water and exposed them to the sun for the same amount of time. After 12 days of experience, the result was without appeal:

Watercress seeds not exposed to Wifi waves:

Watercress seeds exposed to Wifi waves:

An uplifting result that surprised students who did not expect the experiment to work so well: "It was really scary to see how obvious the difference between the two seeds was."

This research has also impressed many scientists in Denmark, but also in Sweden or England. They asked them if they could refer to their famous experiment to try to prove the harmful effects of electronic waves on our health.

The students in question (students in this case), have also won the contest "Young researchers" for their discovery!

Students make a terrible discovery on the wifi

Harmful waves ... but inevitable

The dangers of waves on health is not a recent subject. With the advent of electronic devices as powerful as useful (smartphones, tablets, computers, Bluetooth speakers), it has become very difficult today to survive a world without connection, so without waves. Like it or not, everything we have at home as an electronic device emits a number of frequencies that can be harmful to us and our brain in this case! Indeed, some areas of it seem to be more receptive or sensitive to the waves, including areas of the brain related to learning or concentration.

While it is impossible today to avoid all kinds of connections to devices (whether at home or at work), it is still possible to reduce the dangers of over-connection by thinking, in particular, of turning off all the electronic devices around us.

Remember to turn off your router before falling asleep, but also all devices that may not work during the night. Also turn off your extension cords, especially your phone (which you are also supposed to move away from your face and bed at night). If you can not turn off your phone because it's your alarm clock, think at least to put it in airplane mode. This will significantly reduce the risk of wave emission .
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