Some Magic Tricks That All Women Love Using Their Sanitary Pad

Most women do not like to leave the house without having a sanitary napkin in their purse. Did you know, ladies, that you can also use them for other purposes than the absorption of the menstrual flow? The sanitary napkins cotton is packaged in waterproof sheets, making it a perfect tool for different alternative uses. Here are a few.

Cover and protect wounds
If you have just been injured, sanitary napkins are ideal for stopping bleeding because they will put some pressure on the cuts. If you do not have the proper medical products on you, or if your bandages have been exposed to dirt, sanitary napkins can do the trick. The packaging of sanitary napkins keeps them clean. If the wound is well covered, you can prevent all forms of infection and contamination and accelerate the healing process. Place the towel over the wound and secure it with tape, but not too tight.

Adjust shoes and relieve foot pain
If you wear a new shoe for a while and it starts to hurt your heels or the back of your feet, you can cut a piece of sanitary napkin and stick it to the inside of the shoe, to the where you feel the pain. You will feel like you have a kind of comforter compress that will soothe the pain of your feet. If you bought a shoe that is a bit too big, you can also stick a piece of sanitary napkin to the back or front of the shoe while you buy a sole to adjust it.

Clean the wet dirt
Sanitary napkins can work very well like an indestructible paper towel, like small disposable towels. It would be even better if you add baking soda. In this case, they can be used to clean your dirty microwave oven or to deodorize the refrigerator after cleaning. To deodorize your refrigerator, open it and place the towel sprinkled with baking soda, all the smells will be absorbed automatically. You can even stick it inside the refrigerator and leave it for a while.

Make protections for your breasts
If you are breastfeeding or have a leaky breasts syndrome, you can use a sanitary napkin to cure it. Cut it in half and stick a piece in each part of the bra with the adhesive on the back. The towel will then absorb the milk or liquid that comes out of your breasts.

Control your sweat
To relieve your feet, you can use a sanitary napkin by placing it inside before wearing the shoe to get rid of bad smells and sweaty feet. Avoid only removing your shoes in the presence of your friends! In addition, the sanitary napkin can also be used as instant sweat protection for underarms. Stick it inside the armpits of the shirt and, when completely soaked, replace it with a new one. Do this trick if you sweat a lot when you wear your clothes, especially ceremonial.

Make an eye shadow screen with makeup
If you do not want to have your eye shadow everywhere, cut a sanitary napkin into 3 pieces, then decrease the stickiness by sticking it on the back of your hand first. Then, stick each end either on the cheek or under the eyes.
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