She Prays For The Victim Of This Horrible Accident. When She Learns Who She Is, She Collapses

What do you do when you have a person in distress around you? Whether it is a sick person, a person facing the loss of a loved one or when you hear the sound of an ambulance on the street?

It can be very easy not to sympathize with the pain of others, especially if that person is not part of our circle of acquaintances. But do you know that an act of compassion or empathy can be returned to you? Find the story of this lady who used to pray for the victims of accidents.

Victim Of This Horrible Accident. When She Learns Who She Is, She Collapses

She always reacted when she heard the sirens of an ambulance

Karlina Fulk was at home one night and she heard sirens nearby. She quickly saw the daily review of her neighborhood and realized that there had been a serious accident about five kilometers from her home.

All the report said was that it was an accident with serious injuries, and that the driver had to be removed and taken to the emergency room by helicopter.

That night, Karlina did a simple prayer as usual for the victim and her family, then she went to bed. She did not know that she had just prayed for herself!

Just after midnight, she woke up with a start when she heard the phone ring. It was his parents who called him to inform him that his younger brother, Rafael, was the victim of the accident she heard about during the day. Karlina rushed to the emergency room at the designated hospital to meet her parents.

When he arrived, Rafael was in a coma and the doctors did not have much hope. Every day passed and only little progress was noticed in the patient. The doctors told the family that if he woke up, there was a good chance he would never be that person he had been before.

Finally, after seven long days, Rafael woke up. Her mother was very happy and then asked the doctor if her son could ever graduate from university. The doctor replied miserably: "He does not know his name. He can not even read the time, he will never go back to college. "

But the doctors underestimated the power of prayer.

Rafael spent 8 days in intensive care, 7 days in a trauma department, 21 days in a hospital for acute traumatic brain injury, 6 weeks in a rehabilitation center and 7 months of outpatient clinic.

Then, two and a half years later, he did something that completely surprised the medical profession.

While her proud and grateful family was sitting among the audience, Rafael walked through the scene to receive a degree in Communications from California State University. A week after graduation, he took part in his first marathon, a marathon that doctors also said was impossible!

She prays for the victim of this horrible accident

His sister Karlina was moved and wrote on his Facebook: "It was almost dead and today we see it as a miracle. It has been returned to us in a way. She continued her story by saying why she had prayed with her family for Rafael.

"We prayed to meet Rafael who loves sport and tells sarcastic jokes, he who loves his friends and family, who laughs, writes and takes the dogs to run.The Rafael who prepares dinner and smiles when he is happy. This little boy who grew up to become the man who does not hesitate to hold his nieces in his arms or to kiss his mother when she is sad.This Rafael who argues with me about eating habits and who sends me pictures of his new jerseys ... that's what we prayed for. "

This story shows how important it is to pay attention to every little detail of the behavior of our friends and family members. These behaviors can sometimes seem trivial, but it is these simple memories that bind us to each other that constitute our history. So if you have someone who suffers around you do not hesitate to sympathize. Whether by praying for him, sitting by his bedside in the hospital, making long and multiple journeys to be with him and comfort him. These gestures of empathy and compassion can be a source of mental strength and help to regain the desire to continue living.
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