She Accidentally Drops Her Engagement Ring In A Homeless Man’s Cup. 2 Days Later, She Wants It Back

She Accidentally Drops Engagement Ring In Homeless Man’s Cup. 2 Days Later, She Wants It Back

Imagine that you are engaged and have received from your partner a ring of great value. Suddenly, you lose the ring in the street. Do you think you can find it? How to announce the loss of this precious jewel to your partner? Will he take his word for it? Discover in this article how Sarah Darling's story nearly rocked because she lost her ring at an unexpected place.

The engagement ring is considered the symbol of love and commitment especially in the West. Some people consider that price, quality and design express the degree of love of the spouse. But what happens when this precious ring is lost?

The choice of the ring is sometimes difficult

The choice of the engagement ring is sometimes a real headache especially when the man wants to surprise his future wife. The choice of an engagement ring must be done meticulously and to make sure you fill the future bride, you can pay attention to her jewelry to get an idea about the models she prefers. It is important to know the tastes and preferences of your future partner (if it prefers luxury or modesty or extravagance) before embarking on the search for the perfect jewel. You can also trust her parents and friends to get reliable information.

If you fear that your sweetheart is disappointed with the choice of the ring you made you can also choose a classic fancy ring just to make the request on D-Day and then you will have to choose the real ring to two quietly without risk of being wrong.

When you find the right ring and offer it to your partner, a big mistake is that it loses, especially if the ring has cost a lot of money. Discover the story of this lady who lost her ring and who no longer hoped to find her.

A time of inattention that nearly cost him dearly

In 2013, Billy Ray Harris was a 55-year-old homeless man who lived under a bridge in Kansas City, United States. One day, a kind woman named Sarah Darling passed by Billy and dropped some money into his cup. Unfortunately, she also accidentally dropped her diamond engagement ring in Billy's cup, a $ 4,000 ring! The latter only realized the ring in his cup an hour later. He was happy to see such a gift.

He thought for a moment of selling the ring and using the money to change his life, but his instinct simply told him to keep it. That's what he did.

Two days later, Sarah returned to the same place where she met the homeless. She was panicked and hoped that Billy Ray still had the ring and that he would agree to return it to her. Billy Ray happily pulled the ring out of his pocket and handed it to Sarah.

To thank him for his kindness, Sarah and her husband set up an online fundraiser for Billy Ray. Thanks to this collection, they were able to raise nearly $ 200,000 and helped him find his family.

Thanks to Billy's kindness, his life changed overnight. This story shows us that people in financial difficulty can keep a loving and caring heart for the community in which they find themselves. Here is another reason not to despise them but to help them as much as possible.

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