Science Says That This Type Of Women Makes Men Happier

Science Says That This Type Of Women Makes Men Happier

The choice of spouse is usually made on the basis of subjective criteria. Whether according to the size, the complexion or the form, each person has his criterion and his definition of beauty. The trend in form has slightly reversed in recent years, especially in the shape of women. The slender image of the mannequins we see in newspapers is no longer on the agenda and we are witnessing more and more round women who are proud to be. Some studies have also shown that there is a relationship between the happiness of men and their partner who have a round shape. Find the details of one of these studies in this article.

To accept one's individuality in order to assume one's forms and preferences. Here is a point on which many people base themselves to accept themselves as they are. Scientists also looked at the issue and discovered a real relationship between happiness in the couple and the shape of the woman.

Women with curves encourage the happiness of men

According to a recent study by the UNAM Department of Psychology, men who have relationships with women with curves are happier than those with skinny women. In fact, they were ten times happier!

It has also been found that men are more able to smile when they have partners with curves and since they hold their relationship, they are more likely to solve problems much faster than their counterparts.

Dr. Filemon Alvardo and Dr. Edgardo Morales' research has also shown that skinny women tend to be less sociable and open-minded than women with skinny curves. Thus, they sometimes have trouble attracting men's attention. Some men consider that round women are epicurean, greedy and enjoy life to the fullest. Thus, they believe that a woman who appreciates and enjoys eating also savor the pleasures of the flesh.

The idea is not to denigrate lean women, but rather to show that all women can showcase their bodies. Every man has his preferences. Therefore, if you are overweight, this should not cause you to be anxious and depressed.

How to assume with its generous forms?

If you have tried everything and you can not lose weight to look like the model of your dreams, here are some tips that can help you highlight your femininity.
  • Do you accept and love yourself for who you are.
  • Take care of yourself by avoiding "big" clothes (big flower tunic or gladiator belt).
  • Remember, being round does not stop you from being a great partner.
  • Do not hesitate to consult a beauty specialist to learn how to put your whole body in value with your curves.

It should be noted that the idea of roundness is subjective and specific to the design of each woman or each culture. Some girls of size 46 say round, while 

others who make the 38 also consider themselves round.

Whether one is round or thin, big or small, the reality is that every woman has her own charm. Each must know how to highlight it. The most important thing, ladies, is to be good in your body, to assume what you are, and to learn how to show off. So you will manage to preserve your love and keep the flame in your man.
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