Parents Leave Their 3-year-old Alone With Babysitter: A Few Hours Later, She Fights For Her Life In The Emergency Room

For many parents, leaving their child in the care of a babysitter at home, remains a considerable advantage since it allows their baby to stay in the family cocoon avoiding a change of frame and benchmarks as well as a trip to a day nursery or day nursery, especially in winter.

While some parents do careful checks on the experience and background of their babysitter to make sure they have made the right choice, the risk of seeing their child remains in danger persists. The ideal is to find a person with honesty and good intentions but also a person of trust with a great sense of responsibility. The fear of all parents is to one day discover a monstrous face of the babysitter they believed to be angelic.

Unfortunately, sometimes tragic accidents of babysitting occur, to the dismay and stupefaction of the parents, inflicting immeasurable suffering but also a feeling of guilt for having left their child in the hands of a stranger, believing to do well.

Here is the story of a 3-year-old girl who was the victim of the atrocity perpetrated by her babysitter:

Hannah Wesche's parents left home at 7 am, leaving their 3-year-old child a babysitter named Lindsey Partin. A few hours later, after an emergency call, Hannah was found unconscious at home by the police and was having severe breathing difficulties.

The call to the authorities was made by the babysitter herself who had claimed that the girl's discomfort was due to the fact that she had fallen the previous day by banging her head. Hannah was taken to Fort Hamilton Hospital and then to Cincinnati Children's Hospital in critical condition.

After a first interrogation, the babysitter admitted to having hit Hannah, maintaining that following this blow, the girl hit her head against a hard cement floor. Currently, the police are still investigating exactly how Hannah's injuries occurred.

Collapsed, Jason Wesche, the girl's father says, with tears in her eyes, that her little girl would probably not survive her wounds.

The babysitter has since been charged with criminal assault and classified as dangerous to the children.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said, "The life of this little girl hangs by a thread, things like this break our hearts, I do not understand why or how anyone can do If you have trouble checking with a child, check with your neighbors, friends and relatives before letting someone watch your children, know who you are leaving them with. "

A Facebook page "Go Fund Me" was created by Hannah's father to raise funds and get the best possible support.

Unfortunately, babysitter Lindsey Partin inflicted such damage on Hannah that the girl is declared brain dead. When the girl arrived at the hospital, the doctors were forced to remove parts of her scalp to relieve her cerebral edema. However, their efforts seem to have been in vain - his parents say they are preparing to say their last farewells and soon extinguish his survival device.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that similar cases are common and likely to recur.

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