Is This Outfit Gray And Teal Or Pink And White? Nobody Can Agree On Its Color!

It happens quite often that people make diverse judgments about the same element, because perceptions and interpretations can be enormously different. This concerns in particular questions of a moral, philosophical or social nature. But at times, disagreements arise about things that are part of the sensory and palpable realm. It is for this reason that the actual color of this outfit has been the focus of more than one debate on the internet for quite a long time.

A photo quickly became viral and controversial

We all remember the fateful day of February 2016, when the photo "of a dress" invaded the internet. Nobody could agree if the dress was blue and black or white and golden, so that some people were angry with each other and led many to wonder if the others did not have something that was wrong in their eyes.

More than a year later, the same debate resurfaced on the internet but in a new form: a training suit.

On July 3, 2017, Rachel Stewart posted an image on Facebook saying, "I do not know why others see anything other than pink and white? "

The effect was immediate, the people were indignant. For many, the clothes were not pink and white but gray and teal! In just three days, the post had been shared more than 830 times. The 590 comments left on the publication were, for the most part, from people arguing about the colors of the outfit.

When the brain is influenced by an idea, it can mislead the senses

Everywhere people have been arguing about this outfit for days and it's easy to see why. Whether you see pink and white or gray and teal, chances are you'll be unable to see the opposite. Once your mind decides on a combination of colors, it can be difficult to fool your eyes and convince them to see the opposite.

It is not entirely clear why some people perceive colors in one way and others see completely different colors. At a time when the subject of "the dress" was talked about, ABC News explained that everything depends on the ability of your brain to read the clues. You may perceive colors differently depending on factors such as the time of day or the ambient light around you.

Some are so sure of what they see that they do not understand that others do not see the same colors as they do: "It's literally three colors, duck blue, white and gray. How can people see pink? "

Everyone was very passionate about the debate. One woman even wrote, "I do not care what others say ... It's pink and white."

Other people are obviously able to see the two colors, at different times, which leaves them perplexed: "Yesterday, I saw pink and white, except that this morning, I see duck blue , I'm going crazy ! "

Another woman wrote: "The top of the shoes and the shirt are pink while the shorts and the" Nike "on the shirt are white. But with my sunglasses, it's gray and teal . "

The debate over the colors of this sportswear can mean much more than that. It could be deduced how much our perceptions of things can be distorted by all kinds of external influences, prejudices or hasty judgments, which does not allow our brain to see things and analyze them as they are. Actually. This marks the difference between a subjective person and another objective.
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