If You Often See The Same Numbers, Here's What It Means - It's Not A Coincidence

Shining through objects, numbers, days, food or animals, superstitions endure over time. Synonyms of luck or misfortune, they allow to know more about our future but also about the messages that we transmit the invisible forces.

Indeed, their meanings usually mix spirituality and religion, which helps us to see more clearly or on the contrary, questions us more as is the case with the mirror numbers, these figures which are repeated when we read the 'hour.

If You Often See The Same Numbers, Here's What It Means - It's Not A Coincidence

Mirror numbers

When we look at the time, we sometimes fall on two identical numbers such as 11:11, 22:22 or 08:08. It is customary to say that this means that a person thinks of us. Moreover, Robert Hopcke, director of the Jungian-inspired Center for Symbolic Studies, says that one reads on the clock the symbolic confirmation of a feeling one experiences at the same time.

But, another explanation illustrates the mirror numbers, that of Doreen Virtue, author of several books about chakras, angels and spirituality to heal. According to her, mirror numbers express the fact that angels are trying to send us messages through the repetition of numbers. They would do it in two ways, the first of which is to whisper gently to watch the clock or any other device that displays numbers or repetitive numbers. Then, the second way that angels transmit us messages is to show us these figures which are repeated on any support (license plate for example) and that we find the meaning of these thanks to this translation of the correspondences:

00h00: Absence, waiting, sacrifice, meditation, preparation
01:01: Isolation, loneliness, inner self, paternal principle
02h02: Complementarity, duality, antagonism, maternal principle
03h03: Communication, idea, verb, thought
04h04: Power, government, land, strength, form
05h05: Creation, life, transmission, vitality, activity, magnetism
06:06 Loyalty, harmony, initiation, wisdom, choice
07h07: Awareness, association, evolution, spirituality
08:08: Consciousness, ethics, law, liberation, discipline
09:09: Humanism, research, complexity, past life
10:10 am: Ambition, self-confidence, achievements, fortune, work
11:11 am: Charisma, visionary, thirst for power, nervousness, rebellion
12:12: Karma, clairvoyance, voluntary renunciation, wisdom
13:13 : Death and resurrection, change
14h14: Movement, instability, progress
15:15 pm: Passion, sexuality, magnetism, will, regression
16h16: Need solitude, pride, pride, isolation, purification
17h17: Creative force, imagination, motivation, willingness to go beyond
18h18: Higher love, receptivity, magic, illusion
19h19: Thought, universal light, fertilizing energy
20h20: Need of reason, speed, fast alternation between highs and lows
21 :21: Divine wisdom, success, crowning
22h22: Prestige, fame, sense of duty
23 :23 pm: Protection, legacy, agility, donation for communications

Thus, it allows you to decrypt the messages that an angel tries to convey to you by interpreting this data. But that's not all, other messages about your destiny can be offered to you through these popular superstitions, discover them!

Other popular superstitions

The Salt
In the Middle Ages, salt conjured bad luck, so it was necessary to put in the corners of every room of a house. In addition, nowadays, spilling salt on the table is a sign of bad omen. Fortunately, just take a pinch of salt and throw it over your shoulder to ward off the bad luck.

Number 13
The 13 corresponds to the misfortune so do not be surprised not to have a seat number 13 on a plane or not to find a hotel room number 13. For the Christians, the 13 evokes Judas during the Last Supper and in the tarot , the blade 13 (the death card) has no name. However, it is also a lucky number. Indeed, in the Hebrew tradition, the 13 is associated with the metamorphosis, symbol of luck.

The Mirror
Breaking or breaking a mirror can bring no less than ... 7 years of misfortune! Several explanations are linked to it, including the fact that Egyptians predicted the future with the aid of a mirror, so a broken mirror announced a great misfortune.

The Bread
It is customary to say that bread should not be turned upside down because it attracts the devil. Indeed, under the Ancien RĂ©gime, the bread that was intended for the executioners was put upside down to distinguish them from the others. In addition, the bread illustrates the body of Jesus and putting it backwards is synonymous with Antichrist.

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