His Parents Punish Him And End Up In Prison

Child abuse affects many children, boys and girls, around the world. It refers to abuse and neglect suffered by minors in the form of physical, emotional or even abuse.

Affecting 41,000 children, according to the World Health Organization, this is a global problem whose consequences for the victim are extremely serious, ranging from long-term psychological disorders to death.

The consequences of child abuse

In fact, abuse causes suffering for both the victim and the family. In particular, there is a disruption of early brain development that causes extreme stress that affects the development of the nervous and immune systems. In addition, abused adults in their childhood are prone to depression, smoking, obesity, risky behavior, unwanted pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, and violent behavior. or to submission to the violence that is always inflicted on them.

In addition, these behavioral and psychological consequences reflect an increased risk of developing heart diseases, suicides, venereal disease infections and cancer. However, there are cases of death in case of abuse as is the case of Yanis, barely 5 years old. Here is his story ...

The sad story of Yanis

His Parents Punish Him And End Up In Prison

While Yanis, 5 years old, was at the weekend with his mother, Émilie and his father-in-law, Julien, in Aire-sur-la-Lys in the Pas-de-Calais, the little boy became pee on it at night.

His Parents Punish Him And End Up In Prison

Unable to do this, his father-in-law decided to punish him severely by running him along the canal, only wearing wet briefs and socks. His mother, meanwhile, was in withdrawal and did not react. However, after 200 meters, Yanis fainted.

His Parents Punish Him And End Up In Prison

The father-in-law then called for help, explaining that the child had been uncomfortable. As soon as they arrived, the firefighters discovered Yanis' dead body near the riverbanks. His body temperature was barely 25 degrees in light of his light hold.

His Parents Punish Him And End Up In Prison

After conducting an autopsy, the investigators realized that the death had been caused by head trauma and that the boy was also suffering from a broken nose not dating from the night of the punishment. Thus, they deduced that this punishment was not the first and that the father-in-law used to hit the child, especially with a flashlight. Yanis' mother, meanwhile, remained unmoved by this violent educational method.

The couple was indicted and placed in pre-trial detention. The mother is prosecuted for voluntary abstention from preventing a crime or offense and the father-in-law for willful violence against a minor under the age of 15 by a person in authority. The prosecutor in charge of the case described the stepfather as a survivalist who dreams of living in community with his four dogs and the mother as being in another world. The latter also justifies the abuse that the father-in-law Yanis inflicted on the boy, explaining that it was for his good and to put the ideas in place.

The rest of Yanis' family, including her grandmother, who had noticed some bruises but had not done so because she had been told that the child was falling regularly, was devastated by the death. They set up a kitty to fund funeral expenses for little Yanis and shared words of love about him. Her biological father, grandmother, uncles and aunts are all shocked by Yanis' fate as they have not seen the child's abuse.

Thus, the slightest doubt of abuse should alert you to avoid this kind of tragedy so do not hesitate to talk with the child to find out if he feels good and if nobody hurts him. Share it around you so that it does not happen again!
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