Here Is Why This Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Tells People To Drive Faster

Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Tells People To Drive Faster

Speeding drivers are an issue you will certainly see on any road. In fact so are those people that drive way under the speed limit, mainly on highways or freeways.

Trooper Ben is a Kansas Highway Patrol who sees a lot of drivers that  have a grasp or do not follow on the rules of the road, especially those who fail to speed up while merging into an interstate. Because, such a common sight has become  a routine for him that he thought to create this video to explain why this is a real problem.

"It's called an acceleration lane, people!"

As someone who has been "jacked up" by slow going drivers on the freeway, I am completely agree with his sentiments. Speed limits are not just there to prevent us from going too fast!

A Twitter user from Oregon wrote, " AMEN!!!! Thank you Trooper Ben!"

"Yes! Thank You! 100% agree! Traffic problems are worsening due to overly timid drivers."

Another from Florida tweeted, "Oh Lord, We absolutely have to get this message out here in Florida. I've lived here about 5 years and it's the only place on the planet that I see people get to the end of an acceleration lane and stop! Thanks Tpr Ben."
A Michigan driver also tweeted, "I love it!! Some drivers will just never get it! That and locking up the fast lanes."
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