Her Jealous Spouse Stabs Her 32 Times. 1 Year Later, Her Rescuer Whispers 6 Words That Change Everything For Her

Love at first sight is a reality, and sometimes you meet someone and experience a certain connection with them for the first time. The circumstances of the meeting can even be incredibly unpredictable and it is when we hear stories similar to the one we are going to tell you today, that we realize that there are people who are really meant to be together, that nothing and no one will be able to separate them. This kind of connection is so strong that it allows the time to turn the page of a relationship tainted with violence and suffering.

Domestic violence 

According to a study conducted in 2016, a woman dies every 3 days and a man every 14.5 days following domestic violence. The Ministry of the Interior has also painted a robot portrait of these battered women who were behind the death of their spouse. Married, of French nationality, is between 26 and 30 years old and does not exercise or more professional activity, this is the profile of the woman who kills her spouse. She commits her act at home, without premeditation, with a knife. The main causes of the acting out are the arguments.

Despite this, men are more often the perpetrators of violent crimes against their partners. The male author is, most often, married, of French nationality, is between 41 and 50 years old, and does not exercise or more professional activity. He commits his act at home, without premeditation, with a knife. Its main motivation remains the dispute followed closely by the refusal of the rupture, indicates the ministry of justice.

A woman victim of an assault without measure

Melissa Dohme had been stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend when she tried to break up with him. The first responders found the bloody 20-year-old woman clinging to life when they arrived at the scene. Cameron was one of them.

Cameron and the other paramedics acted quickly to save Melissa's life. Even in the midst of the desperate mission to save his life, Cameron could not ignore the feeling that he and Melissa would meet again in the near future. And fate intervened: 10 months later, they saw each other again. Melissa became a lawyer to help victims of domestic violence and Cameron was in the crowd with other paramedics during one of his public appearances.

The paths were intended to meet again

Melissa had kept in touch with several of the first responders who had helped save her that night, but she had not seen Cameron since the night of the assault. She had nevertheless seen him in the crowd with the other paramedics.

Although the two did not have the opportunity to discuss that day, they had been thinking about each other since the rally. Cameron immediately found the opportunity to contact Melissa. He invited the young woman and her mother to the barracks where he worked and showed them around. Later, he invited her to dinner.
The couple had an instant connection, and Melissa often found excuses to visit him at the barracks. After a few meetings, they realized that they were made for each other.

All's well That ends well

There was no doubt in Cameron's mind that a happy couple was supposed to spend his life together, and two years after the beginning of the relationship, he had planned a special surprise. The couple was attending a Tampa Bay Rays game. Melissa was invited to launch the first blow to honor her work for survivors and victims of domestic violence.

Cameron ran to her as she prepared to throw. He had written a sincere message about the ball that the young woman was about to throw, he knelt down and asked her to marry him.

The couple married in a ceremony worthy of a fairy tale. There were many rescuers, including Melissa's maid of honor who was none other than the police officer who had found Melissa on the night of the assault.

Now, Melissa wants the world to know her story. If you find yourself stuck in a toxic relationship, it may seem impossible to see the outcome or a happier outcome. But this woman is the living proof that life goes on and that after the worst experiences, happiness is always at hand!
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