FOX5 Surprise Squad Couple Adopts The 3 Children Of A Dying Neighbor, Then They Have The Surprise Of Their Life

The world can sometimes be cruel and unfortunately we can not develop superpowers to save it, but the good deeds we undertake may well differentiate us from others and make us heroes. Tisha and Kevin are a couple who, thanks to her selflessness, was able to save the lives of 3 children whose mother is dying. And the reward was far from usual!

The family of Tisha and Kevin is already quite large, made up of the couple plus 5 children, it did not always have the easy life neither to feed or to dress or even to shelter. But that did not stop this young couple from reaching out to their dying neighbor, suffering from stomach cancer, and adopting her three children. Thus the team of an American program and the community of Las Vegas mobilized to help the Beauchmin family to adapt to its new life.

Exceptional altruism

We live in a world that is becoming more and more individualistic. However, our commitment to each other makes us exceptional people, making a difference in this ever-changing society.

This is of course easier said than done. Progress can be slow and difficult at times, we are constrained by many things. But life sometimes offers us opportunities to listen and be more responsive to each other, to eliminate some unnecessary barriers we create for each other.

The day this mom discovered she had cancer and she did not have much time left, she thought of her children, their fate and what they will do later without her. She did not have much choice except to go knock on the first door in front of her, and ask if anyone in that next house could take care of her children.

One day someone knocked on their door, it was their neighbor Audrey!

Audrey was a single mother of three. She felt a little lethargic, so she decided to go see a doctor. And when he asked her to go to the hospital for extensive testing, she realized that the situation was worse than she thought.

The only problem was she needed someone to take care of her children and she had no one to turn to. Audrey was desperate, so even though she did not really know her neighbors, she knocked on their door.

Audrey asked Tisha and Kevin, who had five children, if they could keep her three children for the night. And even if they already had a full house, the kind couple agreed. After an anxious wait, Audrey received a call from her doctor.

Unfortunately, the news was not good, Audrey was suffering from terminal cancer of the stomach.

Audrey realized he did not have much time left. But before leaving, she wanted to make sure her children were in good hands. So even if the dying mother and the neighbor were not particularly close, she asked if the couple would be ready to raise their children. And their response was unexpected, the two young people agreed to adopt the three children of Audrey.

Audrey quickly lost her fight against cancer, and her children settled with the nice neighbors who will become their adoptive parents.

An unexpected reward!

The altruistic act of this young couple quickly spread to the level of the city, until one day the team of an American show knocked on the door of the young couple to propose to them to remodel the house so that it can accommodate new members.

The Beauchmin family left without thinking for a second that the change was going to be phenomenal. Everyone mobilized, the city's entrepreneurs, the residents who organized a fundraiser to buy new furniture, not to mention the neighborhood's neighbors who did not hesitate to lend a helping hand during the renovation. .

Everything has been transformed, inside and out. On his return, the family was moved to see the new transformations, and how the house changed!

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