Father Who Punched His Newborn Daughter To Death Is Found Dead In Prison

Knowing that a stupidity requires a punishment from a moral point of view, any act that goes against another deserves a sentence, especially if it is a violation of the law and the human being. Thus, when a murder is committed, the culprit is behind bars to understand his behavior harmful to others but also harmful to himself.

Yet, the prison should be sobering before going to the act because it is far from being a paradise. Between insalubrity and overpopulation, French prisons are among the prisons where the suicide rate is the highest.

Deaths in custody

According to the International Prison Observatory, French section, there is an average of one death every two days in prison. For the year 2015, no less than 63 incarcerated persons died of natural death and 121 by suicide. Indeed, the main cause of death in prisons is suicide. This is explained by the living conditions and the gloomy future that usually awaits the detainees. Diseases, lack of hygiene, inedible food or shower blocked by the excrement of other prisoners are commonplace and push inmates with long convictions to commit suicide. But that's not all, prison overcrowding is causing great tension between inmates and supervisory staff and between inmates, often because of the mix of detainees without taking into account the facts committed or the health each other, which often leads to aggression or even death, as shown by the case of Liam Deane.

Liam Deane, a British man who died in prison

Liam Deane, a 22-year-old British man, was in jail for beating his little girl Luna, who was barely two days old, on the pretext that she was crying too much and could not calm her down . He had confessed to slapping Luna in the face and shaking her violently.

Following the violence inflicted by her father, Luna was taken to the hospital. His mother, 21-year-old Karen Bissett, said the girl was having trouble breathing after banging her head during the night. The doctor stated that the baby had brain damage. It was only during the interrogation that Liam collapsed and confessed to the murder. Liam was then sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 10 years in prison to reflect on his behavior and his murderous gesture.

However, while in prison, Liam was found dead. It was his fellow inmate, John Westland, who killed him. The latter appeared before the Leeds Court of First Instance, but his case was referred to the Leeds Crown Court because of its seriousness.

Unfortunately, this tragic fate shows a reality that affects every prison in the world, namely promiscuity with even more dangerous people. So, justice or injustice? Tell us your opinion!
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