Dead Man Comes Home Back 7 Months After Being Cremated. His Family Are "Totally Shocked"

Nowadays the progress in terms of communication is obvious and it is now easy to make registrations or various requests via the internet. However, this does not exempt us from any fault because although the modern era allows for certain online administrative procedures and facilitates exchanges, we still see many errors including those made by the administration itself. even.

This is what the man suffered when he was declared dead while still alive, here is his story ...

Dead Man Arrives Home 7 Months After Being Cremated. His Family Are  "Totally Shocked"

The story of this "dead" man who returns home

 A 40-year-old man from Thailand was declared dead by the police after a corpse was found in a room in Bangkok.

The police told Sakorn Sachiwa's family that he had died of a digestive disease and that his body had been found to be inert. However, 7 months after the announcement, the man returned to his home in the Non Khun district.

His family initially thought he was a ghost and they touched him several times before realizing that Sakorn was alive. His half-brother recounted how shocked the family was to see him again among the living, but he also explained that before the cremation, Sakorn's cousin noticed that the front teeth were not the same as those from Sakorn, since he had none. Expressing his concern to the police officer, he was simply asked to take the body in all cases.

The family then performed religious rituals for nearly three days before the cremation of bodies. The ashes were placed in a stupa, a Buddhist burial mound. Thus, one understands more all the stupor that felt the family of Sakorn when the latter returned. He explained that he had been working on a fishing boat in southern Thailand since January and that his identity card had been stolen by a Burmese worker.

At present, the identity of the person cremated remains a mystery and this whole story proves how much the error of reporting a death impacts the victim and his family. Indeed, it is a real psychological and financial upheaval, which is why this type of error should not happen, especially with the technologies we enjoy today.

Administrative Mistakes

Unfortunately, Sakorn Sachiwa is not an isolated case and many people are declared dead. This was the case of Jean-Marie Chouleur, 79 years old in Saint-Ambroix, Antoine Garica, 69 years old in Brive, Roger Rolland, 67 years old in Argenteuil, Jean-Claude Constantin, 64 years old in Cholet and Louis Palacios, 74 years old. Albi. They have all been declared dead by the bank, police, hospital, health insurance or their pension fund and have learned it unexpectedly.

But this "administrative death" causes many inconveniences for the person declared dead. Indeed, he must prove his existence with the help of a life certificate or declare on his honor that he is still alive so that the other organizations that have been warned of the death do not block the transfers and withdrawals social assistance benefits. However, if the certificate of life is not sufficient, in the case where an act of death has been made, a procedure before the High Court must be brought.

Generally, it is a human error, that is to say an error between two files, in the spelling of the name of the person or a confusion between the spouses because one is deceased. However, this administrative error strongly penalizes the victim who has to fight to prove his existence.
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