A Woman Takes A Picture Secretly To Reveal What The Waitress Is Doing With The Old Man's Food

The current pace of life makes people more and more individualistic by pushing them to communicate less, to promote virtual exchanges and to prefer spending time in interactive games rather than helping others who need them. Fortunately there are still people who continue to do good and care about each other. Evoni is a young waitress who was seen helping an old man to feed himself, his photo went around the web ...

According to a comprehensive study from the University of Michigan, we care about the other 40% less than during the 1980s, the largest decline in empathy having occurred after 2000. The decline in empathy is largely due new technologies, including social networks, violent video games.

The younger generation is not so empathetic because they are simply more absorbed by new technologies than the previous ones. Sarah Konrath, head of this study at the University of Michigan, believes that today's youth is one of the most egotistical, narcissistic, competitive and individualistic, in other words, the constant concern for themselves takes precedence over everything. the rest.

However, this is not always the case. There are many actions that young people take every day that deserve to be highlighted. Below is an eloquent example!

Evoni's story is a beacon of hope

Evoni Williams is an 18-year-old student who works part-time at a restaurant in Houston.

When an elderly man sits on the bar, she notices that he needs help using his oxygen cylinder. She gives him a helping hand, then serves him his dish. The old man was struggling to cut the ham, his hands were shaking and it seemed he could no longer use the cutlery to eat his meal.

Evoni moved the plate to her and started cutting the ham into small pieces so that the man could eat them.

Restaurant manager Laura Wolf attended the whole scene, so touched by the girl's empathic gesture that she did not hesitate to take a picture of Evoni behind the counter and share it on Facebook.

Evoni's gesture may seem modest, but for the old man it's something huge because without it he could not enjoy his dish.

The manager said she was delighted to have witnessed this act of kindness and attention early in the day.

Almost a week later, the famous photo of young Evoni was shared more than 40,000 times on Facebook. While touring the web, the photo landed at the University of Texas, which decided to offer Evoni a scholarship worth $ 16,000!

It was a gift that changed the life of the girl, who graduated from high school in May and who has been working since then to save money to finance her university studies.

The girl said she felt honored by the congratulations and appreciation of everyone, although she did not see her gesture as something extraordinary.

The young teenager adds that it was obvious for her to give a hand to the old man, and that she would do the same with any other person in need of help.

The gesture of the university was also remarkable because through the reward offered to Evoni, it shows that empathy is the most important quality that the younger generation can have nowadays. Not to mention that studies have shown that empathy leads to greater personal and professional success and makes you happier!

Trying to understand each other and put oneself in one's place is what we call empathy. There are, of course, subconscious empathic reflexes that we all feel without thinking, like making a face when you see someone getting hurt. But such stories really warm the heart and show what it's like to be empathic. Feel free to share this story to prove that good continues to exist around the world! And who knows, she may inspire other people to do the same and you have helped spread happiness!
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