A Mother Says Goodbye To Her Son With Cancer. What She Whispers In His Ear Before He Dies Will Make You Cry.

A mother says goodbye to her son with cancer

Each year, 2950 children are diagnosed with cancer. Over the age of 5, 80% of these children manage to cure cancer. This was unfortunately not the case for Derek Madsen ...

Derek Madsen was a little boy all that normal. He loved, play, have fun, laugh, live, simply. At the age of 10, he is diagnosed with neuroblastoma, an infant cancer that appears in nerve cells called neuroblasts in the nervous system.

At that moment, it's a real race against the clock that commits itself for little Derek. A fight he will lead to the end with his mother Cindy, who will try everything for the whole to save his son.

A photographer asked the mother to be able to immortalize through a series of photos the last moments of joy of the boy with his entourage. A proposal that Cindy does not regret to have accepted in view of the beautiful photos that have been taken ...

It all started in 2005 when doctors discovered that little Derek Madsen had neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer that mainly affects children. At the time of diagnosis, it is revealed that the baby boy is in an advanced stage of the disease. His chances of surviving cancer are minimal at this time.

The first picture was taken in the hallways of the hospital where little Derek was going for treatment. Derek and his mother Cindy try to have fun together. They try to distract themselves so that they can, to forget the time of a wheelchair ride, all the worries of everyday life.

In the following photo, Cindy tries to comfort her son who has just undergone intensive chemotherapy. At this point, the cancer attacked Derek's legs, which can no longer walk.

Cindy even quit her job to take care of her son, despite the fact that he was staying in the hospital and was fully cared for.

An almost normal daily

Derek ends up making friends at the hospital. Every day, they try to have fun as best they can and forget all the worries they face everyday because of their diseases.

At each new operation (spinal cord transplant, removal of a tumor in the stomach), Cindy tried to be present with the doctors to support her son.

On this shot, doctors announce to little Derek that he has very few days left to live.

To cheer him up, his mother offers him a ride with her by car. She even allows him to drive his car!

The last moments of Derek's life are trying to live for Cindy. She tries to take care of her son as best she can.

Cindy even ends up choosing the clothes her son will wear for her funeral. The tumor reappeared in his stomach eventually inflated his stomach, so much so that the boy could not even close his pants.

At a charity event, Derek kisses his mother on the mouth, as they usually do. No doubt to show him a little more his love for her, before his departure to heaven ...

She sings her favorite song afterwards. A way for her too to say goodbye, in her own way.

On May 19, 2006, Cindy carries her son's casket with other family members. She said during her son's funeral, "I will always carry you in my heart and mind and never forget my son".

Stunning images and stories that reveal the backdrop of the many families that go through this kind of hardship ...
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