A Man Who Married The Woman He Loved But Did Not Expect That Two Weeks Later

One of the goals of everyone is usually to find the person who will love and accompany them throughout this adventure that is life. However, one must first do a long work on oneself because as the saying goes: "To love oneself reinforces the desire to love, not that to be loved".

Thus, once this work is done, we can approach the relationship more serenely. However, to avoid some of the love traps, it is important to understand romantic relationships.

Romantic relationships
According to some research in psychology, there are 3 stages in the evolution of our love relationships and we would fall in love in 3 different ways during our life. Obviously, these phases arrive in a variety of ways and are unique to each one. Note that a person can know these 3 loves like to know one and repeat it several times.

Fusion love: we are one
Fusion love, also synonymous with idealistic love, usually occurs at the time of the first emotions, that is to say in adolescence. We meet our first love and we enter a utopian relationship. Far from reality, and more in a desire to reproduce the films with rose water, we give everything to be loved, even to forget us. Likewise, in this passionate love, we transform defects into qualities and project our hopes and desires on our partner. That's why this merger lasts only one time, on average 2 to 3 years, because we feel muffled in the relationship. Thus, two outcomes are possible, the breakup or the evolution of the relationship.

Lucid love: we are different
Follows lucid love, where far from the need to be one, we need to be two separate people to no longer suffocate. This is explained by the confrontation with reality that causes a certain disappointment. The qualities and defects of the other are seen fully and we notice our differences. At the same time proof of maturity and work, this love stage must be lived by the two protagonists at the same time, so that the relationship has a chance to function. Indeed, if the partners are not synchronized and one of them is still in a phase of love fusional, he may feel abandoned by the other, which can sign the end of the relationship.

Calm love: you, me and our couple
After a while, various experiences and a better knowledge of oneself, the relationship is approached from a new angle: you, me and our couple. We are more calm about our expectations and our ability to compromise. Thus, in this type of relationship we are in the real desire to share our life together and that everyone thrives while keeping a certain margin of freedom. In addition, projects are thoughtful as a couple and satisfy every romantic partner.

But, as love is also illustrated by surprises and spontaneity, we do not follow these phases to the letter and we engage, sometimes quickly, in love projects such as marriage. So we grow up with the relationship and we discover the sense of responsibility as discovered by this man, just married!

The conversation of a newlywed couple
A couple recently married for two weeks is at home. The husband, although a lover, is eager to go out into town and party with his old friends. So he said to his wife, "Honey, I'll be right back. "

" Where are you going My love ? She asks,

"I'm going to the bar sweetie, I'm going to have a beer"

"Do you want a beer, darling? "

She opens the fridge door and shows her 25 different kinds of beer from around the world. The husband, not knowing what to do, retorts: "Yes but you know, at the bar, they have ice cubes ..."

Before he could finish his sentence, his wife said to him, "Do you want my heart to ice? And she opens the freezer door filled with ice cubes.

The husband, a little pale, replied: "Yes, but at the bar, there are delicious appetizers ... I'll be right back, I would not be long. I promise you. Okay ? "

"Do you want hors d'oeuvres, duck? " she says. She opened the oven where there were 5 different appetizers: chicken wings, cheese toasts, tapenade, home-made chips and hot delicacies.

"But, my darling ... At the bar ... They talk raw and ..."

"Ahhh do you want vulgar words, head of a knot? So drink your beer with ice cubes and eat your fucking appetizers because you're married now and you're not going anywhere! Understood, fool? "

In conclusion, when one decides to commit oneself, it is better to be sure of being both in the same love stage and to have the same vision of things!

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