A Drunk Driver Hits A Wedding Car: The Officer Looks Inside The Wreck And Makes A Horrific Discovery

It can not be said enough, alcohol degrades physical health, even consumed in small quantities. Whether at a candlelit dinner, or during meetings with friends, beers or wine are sometimes part of these festive moments. But did you know that alcohol can also cause the death of others? Discover in this article this family whose history was totally turned upside down because of a car accident.

The dangers of alcohol

In France, alcohol was one of the first causes of hospitalization, according to a study conducted by Professor Fran├žois Paille for the Institute of Health Surveillance (INVS). Its consumption is indeed the second leading cause of death after smoking.

In fact, alcohol acts on the neurotransmitters by unbalancing them which makes communication between the nerves difficult. Symptoms related to this imbalance include headaches, drowsiness, difficulty breathing or speech disturbance. When the level of neurotransmission is reduced, this can negatively affect coordination, vision and reaction times. That's why a drunk person driving a car can unintentionally cause serious accidents.

Discover the example of this driver who caused a tragedy to an entire family because of his state of drunkenness.

A tragic day

January 2, 2005 was a very important day in the life of seven-year-old Katie Flynn.

She was one of the girls who wore the flowers at her aunt Lisa's wedding, with her younger sister Grace.

More than 200 friends and relatives had gathered on a Long Island beach to see Lisa and David swap their vows and unite with the sacred bonds of marriage.

The guests watched Katie and Grace with their beautiful dresses and innocent smiles, but no one could have known it was the last day of young Katie's life.

After a long day of laughter and festivities, the bride's parents, Christopher and Denise, as well as her sister Jennifer and her husband, Neil, and their two young daughters, Katie and Grace, boarded the limousine to bring them back at home.

The limousine left the wedding and took the highway. However, on the same highway a 24-year-old man named Martin Heidgen was driving on the wrong side of the road while being completely drunk. He hit the limousine hard, causing a devastating accident. Police reports revealed that Martin's blood alcohol level was three times above the legal limit. He had consumed at least 14 glasses of alcohol and was driving 100 kilometers an hour.

The driver of the limousine, 59-year-old Stanley Rabinowitz, was killed instantly after being crushed by the engine. The father of the bride, Christopher, broke both legs in several places after being thrown to the ground. Later, he had to undergo an amputation. His wife, Denise, was also seriously injured, and little Grace was stuck in the limousine.

Neil tried to get out of the car to get help. Meanwhile, Jennifer, who had injured her foot, was desperately looking for Katie.

Then Jennifer Flynn came across a scene that no mother should ever witness: her daughter, Katie, was beheaded by her own seatbelt.

One of the first responders to the scene was Michael Tangney, the uncle of the bride and a police officer. When Michael arrived, he saw Jennifer with her daughter's head in her hands. Katie's body was still in the car, still in the dress she had proudly worn for the wedding a few hours earlier. For the next hour, Jennifer sat down beside the road. She kept Katie's head on her lap and waited for help to get the rest of her family out of the damaged vehicle. Finally, she kissed her daughter's face one last time and handed it to Michael.

The event changed the life of the whole family. Martin Heidgen, the drunk driver was sentenced to 18 years in prison on charges of two second degree murder.

Jennifer and Neil have courageously chosen to speak openly about their story, hoping to educate as many people as possible about drinking and driving.

Share this story to remind everyone that alcohol does not mix with the wheel. By avoiding drinking, we can prevent such tragedies from happening again in the future.
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