6 Signs That A Person Of Nice Appearance Wants You Badly

Smiles and kindness are not always synonymous with kindness. We probably had people around us who seemed friendly at first glance, who inspired us with confidence to the point of forming bonds of friendship but we realize afterwards that they were not sincere. The kindness they seemed to sport was only a mask that allowed them to disguise their bad intentions. Their malevolence is not shown directly and it is not always easy to spot them. Their true nature is the opposite of what they let appear.

Signs That A Person Of Nice Appearance Wants You Badly

As the saying goes, "the intention does the action". Sooner or later, this intention will guide the action. Unfortunately, it takes time to recognize an ill-intentioned person who can be part of our professional or even family circle. So how to recognize it?

Here are 6 signs that could help you recognize someone, apparently "nice" but with bad intentions:

1. He is very demanding
This person will try to manipulate you, showing kindness to you while being demanding at the same time. He would like to dominate you and use you to achieve his own goals. This person is under the influence of his ego and always wants to have control over others. You can refuse to submit to his manipulations and he will drag you on a slippery slope.

2. He causes you negative feelings
In general, a kind person should create in us a positive state. If you feel a negative energy and a feeling of uneasiness overwhelm you after spending time with that person, then avoid it to the fullest.

3. He knows how to maintain eye contact and body language
He knows how to use eye contact to make you feel uncomfortable. He will try to scare you through a long, suspicious look. Body language is also very revealing ... touching a body part over the shoulder can be a sign of manipulation.

4. He can be very persuasive
For this person, persuasion is a game and he plays to win. It will use all the means and all the pressures to make you do a job that you refuse to perform or to engage in a way that could be dangerous for you. He will use his charm and sweetness to achieve his ends. Be careful and attentive to all its manipulations and do not be fooled.

5. He uses insulting humor
He uses humor as a means of insult. His remarks may be offensive and nasty but he will pass them off as jokes. He will constantly try to humiliate you and make fun of you in front of a group of people so that you feel diminished. In doing so, he will flourish with a sense of superiority and this will give him the feeling of having control.

6. He only talks about his person
All conversations are one-sided and revolve around this person. He is always in search of attention and monopolizes very well the course of the conversation in order to always dominate the discussion and to prevent you from intervening.

Some people excel in the art of deceiving others by their ways and behaviors. But if you are able to detect these signs before they take action then you will be able to protect yourself from them.
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