6 Secrets The Beauty Beauty Industry Will Never Tell You

Have you ever wondered how some women managed to look good in all circumstances? And if they had managed to break through some secrets that the beauty and cosmetics industry is careful not to reveal to us ...

It's no secret that women love to constantly take care of themselves, and this necessarily involves beauty routines and gestures. On the lookout for each new cosmetic, they will also not hesitate to spend what it takes as sum to be beautiful and take care of their skin. But are they certain that the beauty and cosmetics industry is not doing its best to constantly push them to buy new products, when they could very well use natural recipes or simple gestures? to take just as much care of them ... Discover some secrets well kept by the beauty industry!

6 Secrets The Beauty Beauty Industry Will Never Tell You

1. The moisturizer ... yes but not just any
While most day creams can dramatically hydrate the skin and promise to keep it healthy all day long, some of them can be harmful if you use them excessively. Indeed, some creams contain benzoyl peroxide which promotes hydration but may, in the long term, cause repeated inflammation or increase the production of sebum. To deeply hydrate your skin, some experts recommend instead to turn to clay-based cleansing masks that will prove to be less harmful to your skin and use natural oils or moisturizing creams organic or that do not contain of chemicals.

2. Take care of your face AND your neck!
The neck is a part of the body that women tend to forget when they hydrate their skin or even when they wear makeup. But the neck has the same right to be pampered when you perform your beauty routine of the day. In order to take care of your neck (and prevent the appearance of wrinkles too), it is often recommended to take an ice cube and rub it on your neck for a long time. It will stimulate blood circulation in this area of your skin that needs it ...

In addition, think about doing the same with other parts of your body such as your face, your arms, or your legs.

3. Store your beauty accessories correctly
The beauty industry does not tell you this often, but it's important to know how to store your cosmetics and keep them away from hot, humid air. So avoid having them in your bathroom for example. Cosmetics and facial creams that you do not use frequently must be kept in the refrigerator.

4. Wash your hands before using your products!
When pressed, some women forget to wash their hands before applying their beauty products (on the face or on their body). However, it is imperative, especially for those with sensitive skin, to wash their hands before applying any product. This will reduce the risk of skin infections consistently.

Also, do not forget to wipe your face with a clean towel.

5. Feel free to massage your face yourself
If facials at the beautician or dermatologist have become commonplace to get rid of all the impurities in our skin or our face, please know that a massage done by your cares at home is just as beneficial for your skin. Indeed, it is enough for you to take a few slices of lemon and clean your face with, while making circular movements, once a week. This will reduce the impurities on your face without forgetting to calm your inflammation and your buttons in addition to considerably reducing the bags under your eyes ... simple no?

6. Always remove your bra before going to bed
Even if it does not necessarily affect your face or your skin, it's just as important that you know ladies that it's very bad to sleep at night with your bras (and that's the fashion industry and lingerie that must be pointed in these cases). Indeed, sleeping with your bra at night would prevent the blood from circulating properly in the chest. This can also cause unpleasant skin irritations not to mention that it can also help to sag your breasts a little more ladies ...
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