2 Teens Rescue 5-Year-Old Girl From Kidnapper With 3 Simple Words - Watch Video

The kidnapping of minors is a reality of which society suffers. Although most are found, almost one-third remains untraceable. This kind of event often gives rise to the mobilization of all the entourage in addition to the police, as it was the case for this girl, who after having been kidnapped, two teenagers run to look for her and free her thanks to three words. Let's discover the story!

Public services often put in place a procedure to be followed once parents find that their child has been abducted. But on top of that the solidarity of the entourage always surfaces in this kind of situation. Parents are surrounded by family, neighbors and acquaintances to help find the missing child. The following story focuses on the bravery and courage of two teenagers in the neighborhood where the kidnapped girl lives.

Teenagers are less carefree than before

According to a survey developed by the Ipsos institute for children aged 14-18 on the health of children and adolescents, the responses of young people have shown that they have clearly lost their carelessness. Yet this age group is often accused of irresponsibility, but the reality reflects more and more commitment from young people. This reality is impacted by unemployment and precariousness, two concerns that cause these young people to take maximum care and to show responsibility and commitment whenever they have the opportunity.

One minute of inattention caused the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl

As usual, little Jocelyn was cycling in front of her grandmother's house and her mother was watching her from the window. A man in a brown sedan approached the girl with ice cream. The man then grabbed her by the neck and pushed her inside the car.

It was so fast that it took five minutes of inattention of the mother so that Jocelyn disappeared. His mother Jaimee contacted the police and firefighters, who immediately went to work. They issued an alert with the description of the car and placed roadblocks throughout the city to stop it. Meanwhile a group of volunteers gathered to help find the kidnapped girl.

The hours pass without the child making his appearance. What the family did not know was that two teenage neighbors went to the rescue of the girl.

The bravery of two teenagers

Chris and Temar are two young teens in the neighborhood who are only 13 and 15 years old, respectively. When Temar was helping a neighbor move a couch, he learned that a 5-year-old girl was abducted in the neighborhood at the moment. He asked to see Jocelyn's picture, and then contacted his friend Chris for help. The two boys rode their bicycles and immediately began searching the streets for clues that would bring them back to the missing child.

While driving in the streets of the city, they saw a brown sedan which borrowed a passage prohibited, they systematically understood that it was about the car which kidnapped little Jocelyn. It took them about 15 minutes to catch up with the car, but when they finally did, they looked at the kidnapper in the eye and said the three words that led to Jocelyn's freedom: We see you.

The determination of the two boys and their courage were enough to scare the kidnapper. He quickly stopped and let the little girl go. And that's how the two boys drove the little girl home.

Jocelyn's family was very grateful to the boys who said they only did what they thought was right.

Faced with this type of danger, parents must be more vigilant to avoid this turning into drama. It is therefore important to:
  • Give your child basic instruction such as never talking to strangers.
  • Never leave a child alone without supervision.
  • Be alert to any announcements of recent child abduction attempts in your area.
  • Learn active resistance techniques for your child (screaming, kicking, biting, etc.) to use when someone other than yourself is trying to force him away.

Watch the video to see more about this heroic story:

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