15 Common Nightmares That Are Actually Warnings According To Psychologists

Dreams, whether good or bad, are inherent in our daily lives knowing that according to scientists, an average person spends an average of 7 to 8 hours a day sleeping, which is one third of his total life. Sleep not only occupies a large part of our lives, but it can be disrupted by nightmares that can be terrifying and even very real. According to psychologists, the most common nightmares are not completely foolish and tend to send us warnings from our own brain sometimes.

Here are the 15 most common nightmares that have, contrary to what one might think, a meaning that could be very useful to us.

15 Common Nightmares

1. spiders
Dreaming of it is actually a way for your subconscious to represent your fight against the manipulation and oppression of some people around you. This is often an allusion to difficulties in sentimental relationships, or to a very authoritarian superior.

2. Deformities, mutilations or fractures
This nightmare is actually a message that is sent to you from your brain, warning you of the vulnerable aspects of your current life, such as the need to find financial independence or overcome difficulties that make you feel helpless.

3. Drowning
This is probably one of the worst deaths we can have. Such a nightmare can symbolize being overwhelmed by emotions or engaged in one-way relationships. Just like it can be a question of a simple fear of the water.

4. Loss of teeth
If you dream of your teeth falling or breaking, this probably symbolizes your anxiety about others' eyes and judgments. This can also refer to financial worries or problems related to vanity.

5. Fall
This dream often symbolizes professional or sentimental problems. Falling at a considerable speed refers to a negative trend in your life. This nightmare has nothing to do with death in real life.

6. Nudity
Being naked in public symbolizes a certain vulnerability and shame you feel about things you hide from others. It is a subconscious metaphor of dissimulation that has nothing to do with exhibitionism.

7. Breaking
Dreaming of a breakup is, unlike many nightmares, a reflection of a real feeling of insecurity about your love life. For many, this represents a fear of abandonment.

8. Death
If you dream that you are dead, it can probably mean that part of you has ceased to exist as a result of evolution. So do not worry, it has nothing to do with real death.

9. Confusion
Having a nightmare where you are lost directly reflects your feelings of confusion and frustration on a daily basis. This often refers to the need to make changes in your life in order to progress better.

10. Pursuit
If you feel pursued in a dream, this symbolizes the relationships you have with individuals such as an uncompromising superior or particularly severe parents. This can also refer to the flight from the problems of life.

11. Apocalypse
Seeing you in the middle of an apocalyptic scenario highlights your fears about impending events in your life. This nightmare is also the result of a cumulative stress not insignificant.

12. Miss an important event
This nightmare clearly symbolizes the pressure you can experience every day. It also refers to the need to live up to what others expect of you.

13. Seeing Dead people
This dream is very often associated with the refusal of the various changes that may occur in life. But the fact remains that it represents the fear of the unknown.

14. Monsters
Seeing monsters or terrifying creatures may symbolize loss of control or fear of something in the future. He often refers to things that are apprehended or responsibilities that we do not want to face.

15. Immobility
Beyond the fact that such a nightmare can bring out the anxiety associated with the claustrophobia of some, being tied up or put in a confined space often expresses the feeling of helplessness in the face of things beyond our control like a dismissal or a toxic relationship.

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