13 Bad Habits Women Love That Destroy Their Health

Most of us tend to make repetitive gestures, sometimes unconsciously. But did you know that some of these actions can be a source of health problems? Whether at work, at home, or at a dinner with friends, some things must be avoided to preserve health. Here are 13.

1. Partially use sunscreen
Sunscreen is not only for your face, but also for your body. When in contact with the sun, do not just apply it to your face, but apply it to all areas of the body that are in contact with the sun to protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. .

2. Crossing legs excessively
We sometimes tend to keep our legs crossed because this posture has an elegant side, aesthetic and even sensual. But do you know that the posture that causes the most paralysis of the peroneal nerve is that of crossing the legs? Indeed, crossing the feet while sitting increases the blood pressure, which can lead to a greater flow of blood pumped by the heart. Crossing the feet for a long time can also produce poor posture for the spine, muscles and legs.

3. To brush their hair when they are wet
Combing wet hair weakens the follicles. When the hair is dry, it is protected by natural sebum. Once wet, the hair is devoid of this natural weave and is more likely to break. Take the time to dry them before combing them.

4. Hairdressing by making ponytails
The ponytails can make you look sexy and can not be embarrassed by hair in the eyes. Unfortunately, if you abuse this hairstyle, it can cause baldness and hair loss. When the hair is tied in a ponytail very regularly or even daily, they are pulled, abused, and may eventually fall.

5. Abuse milk
Milk makes your skin oily, and if you want to fight skin secretions due to fat you must pay attention to your milk intake. You can vary your sources of calcium intake by consuming for example dry fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio and products derived from them), spinach and other pulses (beans, beans, dried or broken peas ...). You can especially replace cow's milk with a vegetable milk like almond milk.

6. Put on makeup just after being shaved
If you have forgotten to brush your eyebrows and are forced to do so just before your trip, avoid making it a habit. Indeed, putting makeup right after eyebrow waxing could increase the chances of contracting bacteria.

7. Use a compact powder
The compact powder can clog your pores which can cause acne. You can instead use a tinted cream that will hide imperfections while letting the skin breathe.

8. Fill the purse with useless material
Stop wearing unnecessary things in your bag. Just take what you really need. Otherwise you will always carry a weight on your shoulders which can cause pain in the back.

9. Apply thick layers of cream
You do not need to spread your face with thick layers of cream. By over-hydrating or over-protecting your skin, some products can irritate, dry or even damage it. You may have pimples, eczema, or redness. Simply apply a moisturizer in the morning and evening.

10. Drink too much fruit juice
A large consumption of fruit or fruit juice can reduce the ingestion of farinaceous fats and proteins because of their power to create a feeling of satiety. In addition, the lack of flour or protein can cause fatigue, anemia or loosening of the skin and can therefore promote the appearance of wrinkles.

11. Touch your face all the time
The hands are usually filled with bacteria and rubbing your face all the time, impurities can lodge on your skin and thus promote the appearance of acne.

12. Rub eyelashes and eyes at all times
If you do not want to look tired, and if you want to keep your makeup longer, avoid rubbing your eyes.

13. Exposing hair to dryers at high temperatures
Do not use a lot of hair products or high temperature appliances. Too much heat burns the hair and strips it of its natural nutrients.
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