Must Read : 11-Year-Old Girl Get Pregnant At School

Abuse of minors comes from a variety of sources, from family backgrounds to strangers or even to places where children are expected to be totally safe. It happens more than once that students are abused either by other students or by people with an educational role in schools. The consequences of such acts are unfortunately catastrophic and may forever change the life of the victim.

This assessment includes two types of violence: rapes, with 7050 cases recorded. And cases of harassment and other assaults with a total of 12,650 facts reported.

Girl Pregnant After Being Raped by School's Security

In a document submitted to the Minister of Health and Solidarities, ONPE states: "These figures represent only the revealed part of the attacks on persons, not all of which are known to the police and gendarmerie services. "

It should be noted that for three out of ten victims, assault was committed in the family sphere.

An 11-year-old Chinese girl, dubbed Lele, was repeatedly raped for two years by the security guard at her primary school. It was not until 5 months later that everyone realized what had happened.

This 11 year old girl is pregnant at school

Her mother noticed that she did not feel very well and decided to take her to the doctor to find out what was involved. During the medical examination, the doctor discovered that the girl was pregnant. The young victim eventually revealed that she had been abused at school.

The abuse Lele had endured at school continued for 2 years, since she was only 9 years old. Her mother was horrified when she heard the news and immediately called the police.

Lele's attacker, Liu Boaming, has since been arrested by the police. This is a 50-year-old married man who worked at the establishment as a security officer.

It all started when Lele was playing with friends in the playground until suddenly the security guard showed up and took him inside the building where he raped her on the stairs.

This 11 year old girl is pregnant at school

Last summer, the same man came to the girl's house. So he spoke to his mother, asking to borrow a book, his mother was confused about such a situation and asked him to leave. The man then followed the girl as she went out to play. He then seized her, took her to an abandoned building where he raped her again.

After his arrest, Liu was interrogated about the rape. According to police documents, he admitted to raping the girl in the abandoned building.

This 11 year old girl is pregnant at school

Lele had always been a happy student with excellent grades at school, but in the last two years she had become very reserved and introverted. At the time, nobody knew what could have caused this sudden change in behavior.

The school director spoke to reporters about the situation and said that Liu had been working there for about six years and that his task was above all to ensure the safety of the school and the students. He also said that the 11-year-old never reported anything before she became pregnant.

Her parents arranged for her to have an abortion as soon as possible. The proceedings took place on January 24, 2018. The case is still under investigation.

Lele's story does not concern her or her family, she must be reproducing right now somewhere in the world. It should be a warning to parents who are not paying enough attention to what their children are living outside the walls of the house, because in reality, a child is always vulnerable, whatever the circumstances.
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